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Posted by janice victorov (Member # 22937) on :
hope all having a nice start to the week. As I posted on Sat, went to the er and came home. Have been doing ok. Yesterday, my chest got very tight and congested. I have asthma but not sure if it's that. Although every year, the asthma pops up.

I had to stop the meds for a period due to the yeast issue. Could the babs be causing this? My chest really hurt. So, went to urgent care and said asthma/costro.

Today feel okay but still have a nasty chest cough.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Have an awesome day. Janice [confused]
Posted by opus2828 (Member # 15407) on :
I get costochondritis and a tight, painful chest. I also get air hunger with this.

I've never had asthma but I had a doc tell me it was even though my breathing test results were normal.

I tried an inhaler and it did nothing for it.

It isn't asthma.

Advil helps some. Warm compresses on chest help some.

I've also had bouts of "bronchitis" like coughing for no good reason.

I had a stress test that was normal. Sometimes when I get this, my heart feels funny - ectopic beats/palpitations.

I believe it is babs. I am presently taking coartem and have had these symptoms flare up a little.

I don't know how much this helps, but you are not alone.
Posted by Remember to Smile (Member # 25481) on :
Dear Janice,
So sorry you had so much painful distress that you ended up in the ER! Very glad you're home now and doing okay... [group hug]

Sounds like your symptoms could be Babesiosis. I have Babesiosis, but never asthma. I have never been able to take a deep breath without pain. I feel pain all around my ribcage and cannot pull enough air in to fully expand my lungs.

I'm early into treating Babesiosis with Mepron, clarithromycin, and Artemisinin. Also taking doxy.

Here's an idea for treating yeast that helped me out very much:

Try OTC "AZO Yeast" homeopathic tablets (available at Target for lowest price in my area).

I've been challenged with chronic yeast overgrowth often for more than 30 yrs. Went GF on Candida-control diet for past 16 yrs.

It was wonderful that AZO Yeast cleared up an uncomfortable "diaper rash" type infection last wk. (I was fine on just doxy, but adding two more abx set off the overgrowth). Also great that AZO Yeast contains boneset, a native flowering plant of moist sites that I've enjoyed for years. Boneset is used classically in homeopathy for flu symptoms where there is bone pain. ( [Cool] LD, anyone?)

Years ago I stopped asking for any Rx for yeast infections because it was just a waste.

I long had the most success with Pau d'Arco capsules. My LLMD just started me on "Candicid Forte" capsules that are a combo of well-known herbal anti-fungals. I take 1 cap at start and end of each meal (6 caps/day).

Florastor (two caps/day),
Body Biotics (2 to 4 caps/day but ymmv),
Coconut kefir (2 to 3 oz 2/day), and
PB8 capsules
round out my yeast control regime.

I'm certain that a strict GF Candida-control diet is a major contributor to our good health.

Wishing you a swift recovery from this temporary setback on your path to long-term remission!
[spinning smile]
Posted by janice victorov (Member # 22937) on :
thanks for all the help. I have seen AZO at CVS. I'll try some today.

I'm also on a gluten free diet. How fun.

I'm also trying Olive leaf extract per Keeblers wonderful advice.

Have a good day. Janice
Posted by Remember to Smile (Member # 25481) on :
AZO Yeast costs more from CVS than Target.

In time, you'll come to enjoy a GF lifestyle since it reduces inflamation and is healing in so many ways...

Remember to eat lots of garlic, too. Always lots of garlic!
Posted by Need Lots of Help (Member # 18603) on :
I think a lot of my mucus problems were related to yeast. I used to have chronic sinusitis and chronic bronchitis. When I had 3 months of diflucan, it cleared all that mucus up.

There are also a few home remedies that you can do to clear mucus.

One, if you don't take a thyroid med. you can squeeze half a lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it 30 minutes before anything else. Lemon clears mucus. But, citrus will inactivate your thyroid meds!!

And two, use high doses of guifenesin with one sudafed, the guif. will loosen the mucus and the sudafed will help sweep it away. Drink lots of water, or you will get a headache.

I did all of these things simultaneously and man, it has cleared me up!! I have not had a sinus infection or bronchitis in 17 months!! I still have some allergy issues, but not the congestion from mucus.

I also had old CT Scan of my chest that showed scar tissue in my right lung, and after this treatment and a new CT Scan, even the scar tissue was gone, I was amazed!!!

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