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Posted by littlebit27 (Member # 24477) on :
Ok this sounds so weird coming from me. I am in my mid 20s, and other than Lyme was fairly healthy.

I've been having chest pains since I started getting extremely sick in Jan along with shortness of breath. So now when I get them I kind just think oh there goes my chest again.

Well last night. I was having chest pains, shortness of breath as normal and then I started getting this shooting pain from my back to my neck to my shoulders to my right arm and into my jaw line.

I just read these are symptoms of a heart attack in women. I attributed the symptoms to Lyme and went to bed (thank god I'm awake now). But now I'm scared. I'm still having some pain in my shoulder and back, oh and my neck. But the chest pain isn't noticable right now. Of course I am short of breath.

I am thinking I might should go to the ER today and explain to them what happened last night and get checked out. I know Lyme has caused me to have heart problems since my pulse has been 130 to 156 at its noticed highest.

Anyone experience these symptoms?

The crappy thing is I decided to start treating again this morning so I took my amoxy but now I'm thinking that might now have been such a good idea.
Posted by Imhis4life (Member # 26581) on :
Oh my goodness...did you go to the ER? I had excruciating pain that was similar (except for the jaw) and it ended up being my gallbladder.

I hope you are doing okay...praying for you...
Posted by kidsgotlyme (Member # 23691) on :
I also had pains like this and it was my gallbladder.

I would definitely get checked.
Posted by kday (Member # 22234) on :
Yes. I used to get everything you described, but my pain was pretty random and often involved my left arm. Usually there wasn't significant pain. No heart attack. I am 24. Heart rate reached >200 at times for hours. I had a huge cardiac work up, and one time they really did think I must have been having a heart attack or something. I was ok, but I never had such quick care in my life. They did an echo, EKG, X-Ray, and gave me meds in about 15-20 minutes. They said it was just sinus tachycardia and SVTs, but nothing was reassuring for me since it always felt very serious.

Been to the ER for SVTs too many times to count. My resting heart rate used to be 100 bpm or greater depending on the day. Now my resting heart rate is usually pretty normal (75 or so).

I think you should go to the the ER to get checked out just in case. They are good at solving acute issues, but if your heart is in rhythm they will likely give you some beta blockers and a sedative/pain meds if you seem agitated or in pain. They will release you once you have someone to drive you home.

Take some aspirin if you haven't already. Do some deep breathing.

Unfortunately, at your age, they will often judge you based on how anxious or agitated you look (age discrimination). I got the quickest care when I tried to keep a straight face no matter how much pain or anxiety I had about the situation. Sad, but true.

However, if you tell them you have chest pain, you will bypass the waiting room, and they should take you right away.

Best of luck. Chest pain is terrible. I agree with the posters above that you may be experiencing gall bladder pain (especially if you are on meds like Rocephin). If it's your gallbladder, it may hurt if you take your fingers and push with a little bit of force under your right rib cage.
Posted by Paul Mall (Member # 27581) on :
I have had chest pain and pericarditis from my lyme

I have been to the ER on several occations and most of the time they find nothing except for the one time I was diagnosed with pericarditis

my resting heart rate was also around 100 but is starting to stabalize.

these are symptoms of lyme but chest pain is serious and should always be double checked.

I have been to the cardiologist a few times and numerous echo's and stress tests

I was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago

Posted by mcg08002 (Member # 24617) on :
Hey darling!

I am turning 20 on Tuesday!

I have the same thing, a ironically since JAN! lol

Chest pain is COMMON in lyme. I use to get a high heart rate and have high blood pressure from the Lyme.
Posted by daniel (Member # 22201) on :
hey, in the first 6 months of beeing sick i had high blood pressure and a fast heart beat.. always at 140-160 bpm [Wink]

.. that symptom is gone.. but the chest pain sometime is still there.. ... i dont give a sh!t.. takin my ABx and do sports!!
Posted by grandmother (Member # 19908) on :
It needs to be checked out. [group hug]
Posted by opus2828 (Member # 15407) on :
I have the same issues but I did get it checked out.

You should too! Sounds a lot like lyme and co-infections but better to be safe than sorry.
Posted by steve1906 (Member # 16206) on :
Hi Littlebit27, I and most of us here have lots of heart pain...with all the other things going on I'm hoping you went to the ER.

If you didn't go and still having problems, please go.

Let us know how you make out!

Posted by Starfall1969 (Member # 17353) on :
Yes, I had similar symptoms at the outset. However, mine got suddenly, extremely worse after taking Xanax (since all I had was an anxiety disorder, you know...).

I got the elephant-on-the-chest crushing chest pain, shortness of breath and feeling faint.

They did a cardiac workup, sent me to a cardiologist, and found nothing.

Most likely they will find nothing of consequence, but it is ALWAYS best to be safe.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Well... I hope littlebit is at the ER by now..?

USUALLY the right sided pain is not from the heart...BUT it needs to be checked out anyway.

That tachycardia needs to be taken care of!

Littlebit... are you there?? [group hug]
Posted by littlebit27 (Member # 24477) on :
Yes, I did make it to the ER. The chest pain was the LEFT side, just the shooting pains were on the right.

They kept me there for hours. Test after test, inserted an IV "just in case." Had me on oxygen because of O2 stats.

Heart rate was high but of course not as by high the time I got to the ER.

I have pain and shortness of breath on a daily basis but it was never THIS bad. In fact those were my original symptoms when I started to get really sick.

They said they of course can't figure out what caused all the ruckus but my heart is OK according to Blood work and EKG. So they DXed me with atypical chest pain and tachi...( the one that means fast heart rate) and said to get it checked out by my PCP.

Uh huh...I already know what is it I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a bigger problem.
Posted by lululymemom (Member # 26405) on :
I'm glad that you got it checked out. It's awful to have to keep going to the ER but it's sometimes necessary. A similar experience happened to me when I first got sick and they kept me in the hospital (intensive care) for 3 days.

They couldn't figure it out either.. At least you know that you have a diagnosis of Lyme. It's quite scary when you don't even have that.

I hope they checked your heart enzymes (troponin levels) just to be sure everything was fine.

With me, everything kind of settled down after a few months and I'm sure it will with you too.. Just be dilligent with your symptoms, even if it means going for the odd ekg or whatever test they want you to do. Better to be safe, I always say. [Smile]
Posted by Rumigirl (Member # 15091) on :
I hope that you have a good LLMD and are getting good treatment for your Lyme an co-infections. If not, you're overdue, I'd say. Please make sure that you get good treatment. It's essential, esp with symptoms like that.
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
How much magesium are you taking?
Low magnesium can cause cardiac irregularities.

Posted by littlebit27 (Member # 24477) on :
I do not currently have an LLMD, well I do...but it's a long story. I'm not treating under the care of an LLMD but I have abx left, amoxy, so I started that on my own yesterday.

Hopefully I will see a new LLMD soon.

I do take magnesium but I'm not sure how much, I know that sounds stupid but I take one a day like the bottle says. I was afraid to take more but I'll have to do research and see how much I can take in a day and up it.
Posted by elizzza811 (Member # 24713) on :
All of you who have had these symptoms since January, we've been having a lot of geomagnetic storms due to the increase in the number of sunspots since then. You might want to check the following websites daily and see if your 'episodes' are related. I know mine are...

1) Space Weather Now:

Check the magnetic field component. Is it positive (north/south-seeking) or negative (south/north-seeking)? Then check the solar wind speed and the dynamic pressure.

2) Space Weather Archives:

Click on 'Currently in Effect'. Look for x-rays and radio bursts, but especially proton events, sudden impulses, stratwarms, and geomagnetic storms. If there's a lot going on on this page, my Lyme symptoms are usually HUGE.

3) Today's Space Weather:

Check the Solar X-Ray Flux graph. Are there any red or yellow spikes (solar flares)? Or is it generally 'flat-lining'? The letters on the right range from 'A' class to 'X' class and indicate the intensity of the solar flare, 'X' being the strongest.

Check the Satellite Environment Plot. Any yellow or red bars indicating an unsettled geomagnetic field? Any 'spikes' or 'dips' in the electron flux or proton flux graph?

4) Sunspot Page:

Look in the left column. Any sunspots or coronal holes? Does it indicate we are entering or exiting a solar wind stream?

Check the solar wind speed and density. Are there lots of protons? (Today it is low at 0.1 protons/cm3. I've seen it recently shoot up to like 6.)

Check the Planetary K-Index. Is it quiet? Or unsettled?

Often times the articles on this page will alert you to things like coronal mass ejections, solar prominences, even solar tsunamis. We had one of those earlier this year, and I woke up with a headache and memory problems.
Posted by CedarWidow (Member # 27541) on :
Sounds like me! Hopefully this helps, but I get these pains when I am toxic or haven't "sweat" it out via sauna or exercise in awhile, or am dehydrated. If you look at a picture of the lymph system, you will notice that the axillary lymph nodes go across your chest. When the lymph system is filled with toxins, you will feel massive chest pains against the nerve endings. Borellia creates a toxin second to Botillism, very harmful. Your heart will race because this toxic lymph fluid is being pushed to the heart. Drink plenty of water, and sweat daily. That has kept my issue at bay. Hopefully it may for you, too.

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