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Posted by Aimee (Member # 20946) on :
Been treating for 15 months now. Sadly, more confused than ever. Just seem to be peeling away layers of the illness and finding underlying issues that may or may not have been triggered or exacerbated by the Lyme. Need some help making sense of it all.

Started out hitting Bart & Lyme, then Babs & Lyme, now just Lyme.

6 weeks ago, was diagnosed with Hashimoto's - started 25 of Synthroid, am to up that to 50 starting tomorrow.

Magnesium and Potassium have been consistently low - was on supplements for both but ran out and stopped them two weeks ago. Refilled both and will re-start tomorrow.

Am having a resurfacing of constant headaches, heart paps and air hunger that comes and goes, feeling of my throat closing up and fatigue.

How do I make sense of all of this - I am tired of having such a jumbled mess of symtpoms and conditions. Someone please help me!
Posted by tickalert (Member # 7033) on :
Aimee sounds like you have a combination of things oging on.

I've been treating for 6 years and recently relapsed. I know wexactly how you feel.

What does your Dr. say about all this? I've had a lot of the symptoms your describing.

Hang in there. Sorry I can't offer my advice other than it sounds like all the lyme stuff.

Hopefully your LLMD can sort this out for you.
Posted by Jane2904 (Member # 15917) on :
Aimee sorry you are not feeling well.

My daughter has some of the same symptoms , more so lately.

Air hunger, throat feeling tight, like closing, fatigue.

She had some breathing issues back in August and it was from yeast.

Have you tried anything for Yeast? Also maybe you need further Babs treatment.

Hope you get your answers soon.
Posted by hadlyme (Member # 6364) on :
Sounds like my life.

Hypothyroid... only I'm on Armour which treats both T3 and T4.... Have gotten a lot of energy back with this treatment.

The throat thing is related to your thyroid.

Air hunger is usually a Bab's thing....

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