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excerpt -

The authors of The Brucellosis Triangle claim that in the late 1970's, researchers were able to combine the two agents, and thus create the pathogen responsible for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

Hence, in the early 1980's we began seeing outbreaks of the modern day version of CFS/FM. This man made disease presents with a complication generally not seen in the historical outbreaks, neurological damage.

In addition, relatively few modern day victims recover, in contrast to the usually good recovery rates seen in the historical outbreaks.

It would seem that the military was successful in their endeavors to create a permanently disabling agent, that would inflict massive suffering on its victims.

The laboratory created bacterial toxin presenting as the sub viral particle has been variously labeled an 'amyloid' and a prion. It works by attatching itself to a gene in either the cell nuclei or the mitochondria. There it will remain inactive until the opportunity for it to begin growing presents itself.

A triggering trauma such as a physical injury, vaccination, intense stress, chemcial exposure is usually necessary for the amyloid to begin its process of fibril generation. Essentially what happens is this. The amyloid begins growing, sending out 'fingers', if you will, of protein.

This growth disables or kills the cell, by interfering with the ability of the mitochondria to provide the cell with energy. The cell then breaks down into nucleic acid and circulates in the blood, where parts of the DNA will infect other cells and begin the process again.

In addition, some of the nucleic acid particles will break down into uric acid, which will crystallize in joints and muscles and cause pain.

The brucellosis component allows this process to take place in all the major systems of the body, while the Scrapie component allows it to take place in the brain. The amyloid and its protein fibrils will present as lesions on affected organs.

The authors claim that this Brucellosis/Scrapie toxin is the same agent responsible for a host of other diseases, all of which have also been increasing in incidence since the early 1980's.

The author's base this theory upon the multitude of common symptoms shared between these diseases, the information discussed earlier about other diseases appearing in the historical outbreaks of CFS; and on information provided by one of the government scientists who appears to have played a key role in developing the Brucellosis/Scrapie toxin.

In the scientists own words:

"Data from both the virus laboratory and from epidemiological studies have accumulated which suggest that multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease, disseminated lupus erythematosus, juvenile (type 1, insulin-dependent) diabetes, polymyositis, some forms of chronic arthritis, and even schizophrenia may be slow virus infections with a masked and possible defective virus as their cause." (page 103)

The author's suggest that the Brucellosis/Scrapie subviral particle fits the description of a defective virus, and is likely the underlying agent responsible for these diseases which seem to be skyrocketing out of control.

They hypothesize that the illness that one will develop, or whether one remains symptom free, depends, to a large extent, upon genetic makeup.

However, they don't rule out the possibility that different combinations of Brucella species (ie. B. abortus, B. melitensis, B. Suis) or combinations with other disease causing agents could account for the differences in pathology.

Nevertheless, all of these illnesses share the core symptoms of brucellosis and the authors feel certain that brucellosis plays a role in all.
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Also google "crystalline pathogenic mycoplama" another agent that was likely deployed in the gulf war; the feebs' b.o. is all over this stuff.

But of course there's no way at all to tell whether or not we have this, and probably nothing we can do about it if we do.

On actionlyme, the theory is put forth that the "crystal" was actually the Bb cyst (for everything else on that site, there still seem to be a lot of good research), since a chemical common to all these chronic pathogens that causes many of these systemic symptoms, Pam3Cys, is a lipid and thus does not crystallize (if I understood it correctly), making delivery in some sort of "vehicle" necessary.

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re: But of course there's no way at all to tell whether or not we have this, and probably nothing we can do about it if we do.

True... So, alot of money will be wasted on drugs, supplements, doctors, etc. by many of us, I suppose.
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Sometimes I feel like I am chasing my tail trying to get better. You have CFS, no you have lyme, no you have XMRV, now I may have this too!? If I had any life at all, I would just quit treating all together......
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Sparkle7: Thanks for the great post. KNOWLEDGE is POWER.
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I'm not very scientifically minded but the description of this sounds like what they are finding with XMRV. XMRV is the result of the damage done by this brucellosis pathogen.

It's really horrible stuff... I guess we just have to try to make the best of it.

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