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Erythema migrans is the skin manifestation of Lyme disease and southern tick-associated rash illness. Neither disease is found in the Caribbean.

We report 4 cases of erythema migrans of a possible emerging clinical entity, Caribbean erythma migrans-like illness.
Interesting stories and they are sticking to it.
Thanks for Posting Rick @ Lymeinfo Yahoo Groups.
Posted by carly (Member # 14810) on :
If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck,

but lives someplace someone has decided ducks

ducks don't live -like in a suburban decorative

backyard pond in North America, maybe;

well then it probably isn't a duck as we

traditionally know a duck to be.

Rather we should call it a duck-like creature.

I love semantics. At some point, "they" will

discredit themselves through their silliness.

The question is: How long must countless people suffer because of it?

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