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Posted by 17hens (Member # 23747) on :
My cousin in Germany has been sick for over a year and is realizing she has lyme and Babesia (maybe Bart too).

She has an appt. at a lyme clinic this Thursday where they will run tests but she doesn't think she'll see a doctor this at this first visit.

Her latest symptom she's had for a few weeks and has gotten gradually worse. She had trouble swallowing and now if she stands up, climbs stairs, just talks too much, she feels as if someone has a choke hold on her throat and she's afraid she'll suffocate.

Last week she was in the hospital with this and they gave her cortison to take home and use. Although I've repeatedly told her not to use steriods, she did use it twice so far only when she thought she was a goner. It helped for 2 hours.

She said she is much worse at night and that her throat/neck actually feels swollen so that barely any air gets in. She saw an ENT yesterday who said everything looked fine.

Is this just a BABs symptoms? She's had air hunger for awhile but says this is different.

I suggested swallowing coconut oil and even rubbing it into the skin on her neck. Do you think that will help?

I'd appreciate any help with this one!

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Posted by INEBG (Member # 27690) on :
My symptoms are not as severe as those of your cousin. I have difficulty swallowing. Sometimes this is mild, sometimes it is quite pronounced where I can't even swallow food normally. Since I have been on medications for babesia, I have been able to swallow bigger pills than I could for many years, and almost never have the swelling and feeling of choking.
Occasionally I do still have difficulty swallowing food, but it is much less severe than it once was.

Has your cousin had her thyroid checked? I know almost nothing medical, but someone suggested that to me in the past with regard to throat swelling.

I do not know if coconut oil would help, but I can't imagine how it would hurt. In my experience, since when I started feeling like I couldn't breathe (whether from air hunger or throat swelling), an important thing to do to minimize it was to remain calm. It is very scary to feel like you can't breathe, so that is a challenge.

I hope others have more and better suggestions, and that your cousin will get treatment soon.
Posted by sutherngrl (Member # 16270) on :
One of my scariest and first symptoms was feeling like I was choking. Felt like someone literally had their hands around my throat, or like my throat was closing up. My doc felt like this was a lyme symptom or possibly toxins, since I didn't have any typical babs symptoms.

It was on and off but mostly on for a long time(4 years). Took about 2 years of treatment for it to improve. I personally think it is an ALS type symptom. ALS can present with bulbar symptoms in a percentage of ppl.

I think once you start feeling like you are choking that it freaks you out and then you tense up(normal reaction), which of course makes it worse; so xanax helped me just a little.

This symptom at least for me is more of a "sensation" of choking. I would feel just like I was choking, but I could eat, drink and breath..... proof I was not truly choking. I have also had issues with swallowing. Maybe there was slight inflammation that added to the sensation.

Turmeric the spice may help if the problem involves any inflammation. Treating with antibiotics over time should also help with this issue.

It is an awful experience though. And you never really get use to it.
Posted by wiserforit2 (Member # 18286) on :
Can often be Lymph glands unable to flush out stuff.... both in neck and just below collar bone.

I try rebounding a little on a mini-tramp and if I feel less of a choking sensation, I know my lymph glands may be doing double duty. Some suggest Lymph massage by a trained masseuse; some suggest homeopathic Lymph remedies.

Search on this site for more information to read.

Good luck in figuring what will work for you,

Posted by cjfrank (Member # 26985) on :
I have felt like I have a rubber band around my neck for weeks now. Not having any other symptoms today, except that and a little bit of fogginess. It is a very good day for me.

Lymph glands feel fine when I touch them.

I've read that Lyme attacks weaknesses. When I was born my mother's cord was wrapped around my neck. They did not think that I would make it, but I did. So I must have a weak neck and the Lyme is there, I assume.
Posted by 17hens (Member # 23747) on :
thank you, everyone, for your information! it is good to know she is not alone or crazy for feeling this!
Posted by lauriemay1 (Member # 24153) on :
My daughter had this symptom also, this was one of her worst symptoms... she always complained that she had trouble swallowing, and thought she wouldn't be able to breathe. I used to tell her calm down, you can breathe thru your nose right? That was so she wouldn't stress herself out. Babesia is the cause of this.. since she's been treated for Babesia (Arteminisin), this symptom has subsided.
Posted by c3mom (Member # 16412) on :
17, I had the exact same thing over a year ago. I couldn't walk up steps or my throat would tighten. If I talked too much, my voice would strain - almost get raspy. My exremeties started going numb one day from lack of oxygen.

It went away, but I am convinced, at least for me, it was my thyroid and or adrenals.
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
Just had another thought. I read recently that these symptoms can possibly be from a hiatal hernia.

Maybe a gastroenterologist could be of some help. Hope this calms down for her as I am sure it can't be pleasant.

Posted by miles2go (Member # 20119) on :
I don't know if this will help but it might be worth trying. If my throat closes, I take a sugar packet and put the sugar in my mouth and let it dissolve and drip down my throat. It opens up the throat.
Posted by 17hens (Member # 23747) on :
Such helpful information, thank you, everyone!
I will pass it on to my cousin and hope she finds relief soon!
Posted by Maradona (Member # 24552) on :
I'm having that symptom today and it ha pend same 3 months ago.

I feel like my muscles of the throat are tired ore not contracting well to pass food down also when i have this usually have allot of thick saliva don't know is it this causing problems ore vice verse or something else.

Sometime I think that could be from yeast effecting nerve ends on mouth .

This was my first symptom when i got sick that made mi think something is wrong with me but it was more mild then in the beginning just like food stuck not going down as normally does.

And now is my main concern and one of the last symptoms that I have these days.

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