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Posted by sian333 (Member # 26198) on :
Does anyone here have Babesia and severe heart symptoms?

I wasn't sure if Babs causes heart problems, or is that just Bart?

My two biggest symptoms are air hunger and horrible heart symptoms.

Thanks for your time.
Posted by tick battler (Member # 21113) on :
I have heard that heart problems are often associated with babs. I think of babesia rather than bartonella for this symptom, but just my non-medical opinion based on what I have read.

Posted by zil (Member # 12048) on :
I have Lyme, Babs, and Bart. I had a lot of palpitations and was worked up by a cardiologist then put on atenolol. I have problems with shortness of breath. I stay confused on what symptoms go to which disease. A lot of them cross-over. I never had night sweats. I really never did sweat much anyway until I started treating all this stuff now my face will perspire.
Posted by blinkie (Member # 14470) on :
My worst remaining symptoms are lung/breathing problems and heart symptoms.

We "think" it's babs but still trying to figure it out. Oh yeah, and my hormones are still jacked and I don't sleep well.
Posted by sian333 (Member # 26198) on :
Thanks for the replies =]

I have severe heart symptoms.

They aren't as severe as they were, but are still quite bad. Palpitations up to 180bpm, and even faster a few times. Does anyone have a heart beat that is very strong? Feels like a strong beat all the time.
Posted by skbl (Member # 28445) on :
My Dr kept asking if I had air hunger, but I didn't know. Until I started on Mepron. Within a week all of a sudden I could *really* breathe!

I have noticed the last few days my heart seems to be beating stronger than usual. I was thinking maybe it's the relatively new to me flagyl?
Posted by Dania84 (Member # 26278) on :
I had to go to ER for heart problems. After being on Mepron for 2 months my shortness of breath and palpitations have got alot better. For me, the heart symptoms were babs.
Posted by zil (Member # 12048) on :
I have episodes where my heart pounds. My rate doesn't change it's the quality that does. I feel it pound in my chest. It will always do that with a herx too. I have gotten no explanations for it. Doesn't happen as often now, use to get every afternoon.

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