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Posted by yankees237 (Member # 25791) on :
Im feeling at about 90%...still on ABX. i havent had any alcohol since ive been bitten about 5 months ago. I went out with some friends for my brother's bachelor's party and was more or less forced to take a small shot of jagermeister (35% proof). It didn't affect me at all - didnt feel even slightly buzzed...but my question is can such a small amount really impair my immune function and set me back lyme wise?
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I think you'll be okay, but I think you need to learn to tell your friends that you are on medication and you can't drink alcohol with it.
Posted by yankees237 (Member # 25791) on :
thanks sixgoofy , i knew it was going to be a rough night (my friends bought me drinks all night, i just acted like i was drinking them) but the shot i couldnt really escape it lol.

like i said, that was last night - i felt fine all night, and felt fine all day today, so im assuming it didnt do much to my body but i do not plan on drinking anything again for a long time.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I bet the pressure was on last night. No one on the planet could make me take a shot of that wretched stuff, LOL. Tequila, maybe, Jager, no way!!

Maybe do some extra liver cleansing and take some extra probiotics. [Smile]
Posted by sutherngrl (Member # 16270) on :
I don't think that one little shot is going to be detrimental; and I'm sure the peer pressure was on; but just remember that you have control over what you put in your body. Take care of yourself!
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Could someone force you to drink rocket fuel or drain cleaner? Just remember that, for you, right now, there is not much difference.

Be prepared with a good beverage in your hands. Lemon juice, water and a little stevia. Add a spring of mint and tip the bartender the same as if it were a "real" drink and they will keep you in all the water and lemon slices you want. Take your own stevia with you.
Posted by METALLlC BLUE (Member # 6628) on :
I could handle a beer without making my symptoms worse but that is not on my agenda. I don't recommend people even play with the idea of having one drink though. Different people react differently when Lyme Disease is(or was) in the picture.

One drink has set other people back. They've posted about it here. Then you have others like yourself who did ok.

Are you a gambling man/woman? Choose your poison if you are, because that's exactly what it might be once it hits your system.

Lyme patients are better off handling booze the way a recovering alcoholic does. None at all.
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
we went out to dinner yesterday and i had a frozen margarita.

it was the first one in probably 10 years. i'm not on abx.

i just wanted to feel normal for a change.
Posted by Haley (Member # 22008) on :
It sets me back. I thought about having a glass of Champagne tonight but I know that I'll feel terrible tomorrow.

Particularly if you are fighting yeast, which I am. Alcohol = instant yeast infection.
Posted by yankees237 (Member # 25791) on :
i was definitley expecting to wake up with a mouth full of candida, but it suprisingly wasn't any different this morning then any other day.

i took some extra milk thistle today to help out the liver.

by the way does probiotics and milk thistle need to be spaced out?

ps. thanks everyone for the responses
Posted by METALLlC BLUE (Member # 6628) on :
No MT does not need to be spaced with probiotics.
Posted by 'Kete-tracker (Member # 17189) on :
I was at the 90%-recovered mark in early June a few years back. Had a "mixed drink" w/ my meal at a restaurant with friend. (Was still on hi-level "amoxy")
Never shoulda done it. Took me 1 or 2 days to even get back to even keel. Felt I'd "re-lapsed".

Had a full glass of red wine with a dinner 3 months later, at 99% "recovered". No issue. :-)
(still on abx!)

Not much of a drinker anyhow but I find I can easily handle smaller amounts of alcohol, as long as I get my Rest.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Dr. Burrascano's Treatment Guidelines (2008) - 37 pages

Sections regarding self-care:

From page 27:


1. Not allowed to get behind in sleep, or become overtired.

2. No caffeine or other stimulants that may affect depth or duration of sleep, or reduce or eliminate naps.

3. Absolutely no alcohol!

. . . [more details at link above]


This explains that lyme is one of the most toxic infections known to man - and that stresses all body systems to the max:


by Prof. Robert W. Bradford and Henry W. Allen


. . . A discovery of great importance relating to a toxin produced by the causative agent of Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, has been linked to a similar toxin produced by the organism Clostridium botulinum (botulism). . . .

- Full article and great photos at link above.


This book is specific to lyme and other chronic stealth infections (such as Cpn).


by Russell Farris and Per Marin, MD, PhD


See the "Secondary Porphyria" article first - just one way alcohol causes more liver stress but not the only way.



A helpful search: "Hepatic Encephalopathy" and "Lyme Encephalopathy"

"Fatty Liver Disease" is also relevant and it's important to know that lyme greatly increases the risk of developing diabetes. Any amount of alcohol can blast that increased risk to a quick reality for those who already have a toxic load to carry.

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