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Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :
So...I'm staring Rifampin tonite. In "The Lyme Disease Solution" it says 600mg 1x / day. But my Doc says 300mg 2x / day. Daily total is the same, but taken in 12h intervals.

How do/did you guys take it?

I'm going to start with 300mg the first week.
Posted by lyme in Putnam (Member # 11561) on :
Do what u can tolerate. My llmd told me 600 mg. Ibtook it for x2 days, cut it down to 300mg for 3 days, then ended it. Worst time of my life. Go slow and do what u can. Good health.
Posted by geo (Member # 18333) on :
BCB - LLMD had me on 300 mg a day which consisted of 150 mg twice a day.
Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :
Well..did 300mg last night. I feel FAB this am!!! Tinnitus is almost non-existent. The fatigue and nagging nausea that I had since stopping Levaquin on Friday is gone.

Weird that it makes me pee orange. Sorry if TMI.

I will do another 300mg tonite and then may up to 600 on Wednesday. My doc has Rx'd me 600mg / day. That is also what Dr. S recommends.
Posted by ladeedah (Member # 21642) on :
Did anyone get a sore throat from Rifampin?
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
I started at 300mg every other day as I was so worried I would not be able to tolerate it. THen went to 300mg a day. Finally got to dose prescribed which was 600mg ONCE a day.

It was tough. I was on it three months without improvement, or so it seemed. WHen I got off it and went on Bactrim DS I felt much better.

But when I relapsed on the Bactrim, I took what was left over of the Rifampin ( added in 300mg once a day for a month) and got over the relapse. It was really good the second time around. I ran out. Now waiting for my LLMD appointment.
Posted by rks (Member # 24316) on :
I just started Rifampin this past Sunday. I was told by LLMD to take 300 mg on an empty stomach one hour before taking my azithromycin and other antibiotics with food for the first week.

Second week, I am to kick it up to 600 mg (all in one dose so two pills) and do the same as above.

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