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Posted by sian333 (Member # 26198) on :
Do you need to have abnormal labs to have Lyme disease?

I have occasionally had a low lymph count, but nothing dramatic.

My ESR when tested was apparently normal, and the GP i saw said I don't have any Lyme because of this.

Does this mean I don't have Lyme?

I finally found a Lyme Literate doctor in Aus I'm seeing next week, he took himself overseas to learn about Lyme and he admits he used to be ignorant before hand.

My biggest symptom, other than feeling like I'm having a heart attack all the time, is I can NEVER get a deep breath.

I am always burping when I try to breath...and my throat feels very tight. I belch an awful lot! All day! I want to be able to breath again! [sorry for the graphic description]

Does this sound like air hunger?
Posted by kimmie (Member # 25547) on :
I have lyme, my daughter too. We both have had normal labs for the most part, normal ESR.
Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :
Sounds like lyme with Babesia (the "air hunger" you describe) and Bartonella (gastritis).

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