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Posted by LividLymie (Member # 28556) on :
Does anyone else here have an XMRV positive test and also have a positive for bart?

I'm wondering what happens when you stop your bart meds. I know for many Lymies bart is almost impossible to eradicate, but my hunch is it's even worse if one has a retrovirus (bart goes wild with HIV, for example).
Posted by joalo (Member # 12752) on :
Posted by SForsgren (Member # 7686) on :
My guess - the majority of us here probably have both. I don't envision it being a rare combo.
Posted by little_olive (Member # 28063) on :
If XMRV is present in the sickest-of-the-sick as far as CFIDS patients go (which is what the first, original study showed), then I'll probably have it. I have not been tested and will not be tested until it's covered by insurance, however.

I do have bartonella.

It is an absolutely horrendous infection, for anyone with a dysfunctional immune system.
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
I remember Dr. K. telling me that the XMRV virus responds well to Artemisinin over 6-9 months. He includes it in his cocktail when indicated, along with whatever else is indicated. Artemisinin is now available in powder form from Biopure and very easy to use. I have one of the recipes if anyone is interested.

Take care.
Posted by viva (Member # 8183) on :
My husband just tested XMRV positive. He has never tested postive for bartonella, but has a clinical diagnosis and has responded to both pharma and alternative treatments for bart. His progress in treatment has been very up and down...period of improvement, periods of backsliding.

Gigi, I'd be very interested in Dr. K's recipe. Does he have an idea about why XMRV should respond to artemisinin?

Posted by nomoremuscles (Member # 9560) on :
"I remember Dr. K. telling me that the XMRV virus responds well to Artemisinin over 6-9 months."

How does he know this?

Symptom resolution?

Do they get retested and come up negative?

When did VIP start testing, somewhere around December 2009?

I cannot see that there have been enough people who tested positive, then used artemisinin to reach remission in 6-9 months, to make a statement like that at this point.

Many Lymies have used artemisinin for very long periods, some for years even, and I am not aware of even one full remission from this mono-therapy.
Posted by m0joey (Member # 13494) on :
I agree, especially with your last point. Respect for Dr K aside, arteminisin as monotherapy for XMRV is a pipe dream.
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
From my experience, Dr. K. has never used any monotherapy for any infection or toxicity problem. Numerous other agents are usually part of the overall approach because that is called for with a multifaceted disease. This is very obvious if you look at his published protocols, more recently his published "cocktails".
Posted by LividLymie (Member # 28556) on :
I have been on various artemesia derivatives for years now (arteminisin, etc.), and still tested XMRV positive and don't think they have helped my XMRV symptoms at all, but I think that idea about arteminisin also comes from Dr. Paul Cheney, who uses it on XMRV patients.

If you're talking about the Dr. K. I'm thinking of, he recommends this technique for bartonella that was used by Russian soldiers, in which one spits in a cup and then makes a homeopathic remedy from it -- I'm curious what he would think about something similar for XMRV, or if he thinks any rizols, etc., would work on XMRV.

I think generally we'll find that XMRV is like HIV when it comes to alternative therapies -- that is, largely untreatable -- but I hope that's not true.
Posted by m0joey (Member # 13494) on :
Yeah the idea probably has more to do with Cheney than Dr. K. Neither of them use monotherapy in the strict sense of the word, but I mean it's the main weapon they suggest for targeting XMRV directly.

I don't know that XMRV will be like HIV. They are very different retroviruses. But it will be difficult, whether through allopathic or alternative. The advantage of allopathic is obviously that millions of dollars have gone into HIV research, and so there are a ton of off-the-shelf drugs available and also other toxic and not-so-toxic therapies aimed at wiping out HIV reservoirs and targeting the virus directly in the works.

The greatest hope in alternative medicine for retroviruses is a combination of terrain therapy (immune modulation) and nosode therapy. Just to show how the lines are blurred between allopathic and alt, both of these have analogues in allopathic: ampligen, IVIG etc for modulation, and vaccine development to mimic nosode therapy. However, because of govt regulation, nosode therapy is going to be less available than ever in europe.

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