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Posted by glenshire78 (Member # 28198) on :
Hello - I am pretty sure my son and I have lyme. I had several positive WB but the Drs tell me they are false positive. Ya right. I am 30 and woke up 2 yrs ago and feel like crap since....Had fleas in the house from a stray cat too. My son was also sick around the same time as me. He had back to back fevers for 4 MONTHS! CBC and all other blood test were normal. THey never tested him for lyme and by the time we figured it was lyme - his fevers broke and 6 months passed. Does anyone have experience with the rife machine? Do they work? are they safe for kids and where is the best place to get one. I have had 2 yrs of treatments from half-ass doctors. I dont think 21 days of doxy 2 yrs later will do anything. I am more concerned for my son. He is only 3 and seems to be changing. Any insight would be great. Thanks!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :

I will move this to Medical Questions where you will get more help.
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
There is no anecdotal reports of problems using frequency treatments with children. Having said that, there are not many reports concerning use with children, as most people that use them, will not advertise using it on a child.

I know there are some here that do use them to treat children, and I have heard no negative reports.

It is experimental, and not all effects are known, and probably never will be. If my choices were to let my child get sicker, or use frequency treatments, I would do it, but that is up to the parents.

I have had a lot of success using this method of treatment for my wife who has Lyme, and myself for some other infections.

No cure for Lyme yet, but symptoms are very slight. It is not a perfect treatment, but it is a very good one for many people.

Machines used depend on what you can afford, and what preference you have. I use the GB-4000 with a MOPA amplifier. It is expensive, just under five grand for the set up. You can get machines for much less than that. A simple EMEM runs between six to eight hundred.

Posted by janet thomas (Member # 7122) on :
A coil machine is the most powerful and somewhat less than $2500.

Here's a site where you can get one.

I am also sending you a personal mesage.
Posted by anthropisces (Member # 15672) on :
I want to add some balance early in the discussion here. I do not know if Riffe machines work. I'm going to give my opinion though, because I'm in a technical field and am as able as the rest of this group to do that.
I have investigated Riffe, I've seen the videos of Paramecium being destroyed. It is impressive. I haven't though seen anything that demonstrates that bacteria, embedded deep in body tissues would be affected in the slightest.

To me, (and let's please be respectful if you disagree), the whole thing smells like snake oil. A man named Royal Riffe, invents a microscope which cannot be equalled by today's best technology. Of course some of the key components of his microscope were lost so its amazing capabilities can't be verified.

All of us herx like crazy. I've tried to tie my herxing to various things including exercise, food, supplements, etc., etc. I'm sure that if I sit in front of a Riffe machine, or a bowl of clam chowder, I am going to herx.

Let's see a study in which bacterium, deep inside tissue are subjected to Riffe. Is there a study measuring the electromagnetic field on the other side of a nice porterhouse steak when one of these things is turned on.

Why am I bashing Riffe?...because it seems that the most popular thread on this site is about Riffe. Its got many more posts than any other subject and in my mind it is human nature that it should be so.

I concede though that it is possible that it could work and that I'm wrong. Something about the popularity of that thread though, and what it says about human nature...makes me herx.
Posted by mojo (Member # 9309) on :
Well, technically, you spelled "Rife" incorrectly.

People reach remission by Rifing.

I think you are wrong and I think it works. So do many physicians - including some of my non-Lyme physicians.

I think it is part of our 'arsenal' and while I know some have healed with Rife alone, I feel that it should be part of a protocol. For me it's a big part. I've been rifing only for a year now and it's taken me beyond what ABX did for me. I will, however, probably use them again someday.

I rife for different germs on different days - each herx is unique. I don't herx for Bart. My Lyme herxes are so very different from the Babesiois herxes.
Posted by mojo (Member # 9309) on :
glenshire - not sure about rifing and children but it seems like it would work. I wouldn't do it without a physicians supervision. They can't recommend it to you, though.

I have a DT EMEM 5A and it works great for me. I paid around $500 for it a couple of years ago.
Posted by Rene (Member # 4870) on :
I don't think it is a good idea to come on the board and voice an opinion on a treatment you have never even tried and can't spell.

Could be that the reason the Rife thread is so popular is that it works?????
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
I think that it is fair that anthropisces should be able to share his thoughts based on research and personal knowledge. We are here to learn and share with each other what we know. You can know alot about a topic without every experiencing it yourself. You can observe an learn too.

If we post a question and all we get in response is the answer that we want to hear, how is that ever going to help us? We need to hear honest answers and opinions. The good, the bad, and everything inbetween.

anthropisces thank you for stepping up to share what you think. I appreciate it. I would like to know more about Rife because I may need to consider it for treatment later on.

I'm also very happy to hear that others have had such good experiences using Rife. Any little bit of improvement is worth celebrating.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
You can take antibiotics for "only so long" .. in my opinion. I sure wasn't willing to be on them for the rest of my life!

I also have the DT machine. It is awesome. I credit Rife with not curing me, but with keeping me off abx.
Posted by springshowers (Member # 19863) on :
I concede though that it is possible that it could work and that I'm wrong. Something about the popularity of that thread though, and what it says about human nature...makes me herx.
What in the world?
Posted by springshowers (Member # 19863) on :
Regarding the question.

I would stay away from electrode type machines if it were my child. I would use Ray Tubes or non contact machines.

Of course use it on yourself or a family member who is an adult and sick if possible to get a feel for it and know what to expect for sure before treating a child.

I would treat my child if I had a sick one with rife no doubt about it.

I would rather use that than Antibiotics on a young child who may suffer more consequences from the medications than anything.

The Rife has treated even simple things like toe nail fungal infections that I could never get a handle on for many years. It treated it amazingly fast and effectively. I am still stunned by it.

Also it has treated my whole list of lyme and co infections and I do not have to wait for another round of antibiotics when I think one infection is getting ahead of me etc. You can run for a few at a time if you want.

Its a great tool and for sure wonderful for sustaining progress Too
Posted by tick battler (Member # 21113) on :
Hi glenshire,

Sorry you are dealing with this. I have three young children with lyme and have wondered the same thing about whether it is safe for children. Because rife is not an FDA approved treatment, people are wary about sharing that they use it to treat disease, particularly with children. You really have to make up your own mind based on your research.

One thing that helped me was to read The Rife Handbook, but Nenah Sylver. This is a serious, very well written book (760 pages). See:
She discusses use in children and believes it is safe. This is from a very intelligent woman who thinks microwave ovens are not safe, so that tells you something.

I have read enough to be convinced that it works. I have tested my machine through electrodermal testing by looking at my babesia load on the EDS machine and then rifing for 20 minutes on babesia frequencies and then looking at the babesia load after on the EDS machine. It was significantly lower. I have not used it frequently enough to be able to claim results, and I am on herbal treatments and am improving from that. I have experienced herxes from it. I am seriously considering getting a more powerful machine for treating my husband who has not made a lot of progress after 3 years of abx. However, my husband has not yet tried our current machine.

I would recommend sending pm's to individual rifers to get more detail on the type of machine, etc., that you would need, but I think a radiant machine would be best for a child because they do not need to hold onto anything.

I am always amazed how posters feel the need to claim rife is fraudulent. It seems to always be those who have not done their research. I will definitely listen to a person who says he/she has tried it in a meaningful way and saw no results. But I cannot give any weight to those whose opinions are not based on true research or experience. These are the people who should read the Rife Handbook and the long rife thread and watch the numerous DVD's on Rife's life story.

Posted by anthropisces (Member # 15672) on :
It isn't because I haven't done research, its because I have some basic university physics training in electromagnetism, 15 years experience engineering electrical power plants and have a decent understanding of what is and what is not good experimental methodology based on actual time in the lab.

Also, I conceded that it may work and that I may be wrong as any decent objective person might.

Have at it with your Rife thread, may it grow as long as its predecessor.
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
With your understanding of electromagnetism, I think you should explore it more. There are many people with your back round that build and use these devices. Some looked into it because they could see how it theoretically could work.

That is basically the story of Doug, who invented the Doug Coil. He just heard a vague story that bacteria could be killed by frequencies. Since he was an engineer, he proceeded to build a device that could produce the frequencies. He was not aware of Rife, or his work. This was prior to the internet.

By his independent work, he actually confirmed the principle of frequency treatments. By curing or at leas eliminating all symptoms of his Lyme disease.

I have no such advantage, as I understand little about the technical aspects of the treatment method, but a controlled experiment is not really that difficult to do over time. Once you use this method, and see the effects, it is hard to believe anything else, other than it works.

You just cannot get a placebo effect to work, repeatedly, time after time. Especially when you have done as I have, and ran frequencies that are not for Lyme, without my wife knowing, and get no results. Or had a wire break on the machine, without either of us knowing, and wondering why it stopped working.

It is not easy to explain such things away.

I hope you dig into it deeper. I think with your back round, you could be a big help making it work better than it does today. It is the technicians that work in this today, that have made most of the progress.

Posted by anthropisces (Member # 15672) on :
I would like to dig into it deeper and I'm not kidding nor do I have a hidden agenda. I think it would be interesting to start a thread on how Rife machines might be tested.

I am not by the way, any expert in electromagnetism. The original post was asking people for their opinion and I gave mine. My post about engineering was to demonstrate that I'm not completely uninformed.
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
We need some solid testing, that is for certain. I am buying a microscope and if I can learn how to use it properly, I am going to test E-Coli and record the findings. We have original frequencies for this from Rife.

You make a good point about penetration. I do think there are problems with this, in certain circumstances. I plan on encasing some bacteria in meat, and seeing if this makes any results different.

Rife did the same with a Horse carcass, but none of this has been done since that time.

This fundamental stuff needs to be done again.

Posted by c3mom (Member # 16412) on :
Glenshire, I don't know about the use or effects of Rifing on children, but I chose a cold laser therapy for me and my family and it worked.

Cold Laser is a lot like rife, in my opinion, but A LOT faster. You can search that term on here too.

When it comes to your own child it is very hard to watch them suffer, especially when you have some clue to what's going on, and the doctors just don't see it.

It was a decision I made as a parent. I would do your research and read this thread.

ASk your questions as you are - there are many wonderful and knowledgeable people here.

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