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Posted by lctheobald (Member # 18093) on :
I've been on antibiotics for 2 weeks with no herx (had to stop because of yeast)

Was on Dr. Zhang's protocol for 4 months, no herx, no improvement in symptoms.

Tried Cat's Claw -Got up to 4 a day, no herx, no improvement.

Was on Cowden (dr told me I had lyme, then told me no), no herx in 2 weeks, was able to ramp up on drops quickly.

Do I really have lyme, is this normal? Thanks!
Posted by BoxerMom (Member # 25251) on :
I've never herxed on herbs unless I was on antibiotics at the same time. Then herbs would increase my herxing.

Two weeks might not be enough time. Or, you might not have been on high enough doses. Or, maybe the right infection was not being addressed. And some people do not herx, they just steadily improve. So many variables!

You Igenex results say Lyme to me.

Do you have a good doc?
Posted by lctheobald (Member # 18093) on :
I've been working with Dr. Zhang, but I have an apt with an LLMD in two weeks, but it's $500 for the initial apt, he orders tons of tests and prescribes lots of supplements, which insurance will cover nothing. Not sure if worth seeing.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
I have never herxed on cat's claw. I do not consider that an abx-herb but a support herb.

Dr. Z's protocol has built in herx minimizing effects with the AI#1 and the CircP capsules.

The allicin, itself, also helps the liver.

With good liver support while on abx, there may be no herxing. And, for those blessed with really good livers and minimal damage, they may just get away without any herx.

Lack of herx should never be a criteria to deny lyme. Actually, it's best to not herx, if at all possible. That is why support methods are so very important.
Posted by lctheobald (Member # 18093) on :
I should also say I don't have the typical lyme symptoms, I have no joint pain. My main issue is fatigue, especially post-external. This all started with a flu type illness.
Posted by BHealthyNow (Member # 22537) on :
You do not have to herx to treat the lyme. I've never herxed until I started Mepron, and I've gotten significantly better. My LLMD says about 35% of people do not herx.
Posted by BoxerMom (Member # 25251) on :
I don't have joint pain, either.
Posted by onbam (Member # 23758) on :
I have Western Blot and CD-57-confirmed Lyme, and have never once herxed in the 3.5 years I've been infected.
Posted by lctheobald (Member # 18093) on :
for those who haven't herxed, do you feel better (what %) with treatment though?
Posted by BHealthyNow (Member # 22537) on :
YES! I've improved to about 60% with antibiotics with no herx.
Posted by wtl (Member # 19883) on :
To my understanding, no herx is not a worry but no improvement is. That's the case with my wife, no herx and no improvement for quite some time now and I am debating if she should continue on, with the risk of "barking at wrong tree." And that phrase actually came from her llmd who is quite famous.
Posted by lou (Member # 81) on :
Two weeks of abx do not get you to herx territory. That usually takes 3 weeks. Also, lower dose and bacteriostatic drugs may not produce a herx.
Posted by lctheobald (Member # 18093) on :
yes, 2 weeks may be not long enought o find out if I have lyme and to get a herx, but...

I've been on 4 months of herbs with Dr. Zhang and he said I think that if you never experienced a herx reaction, then it is likely that lyme may not be your primary health condition

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