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Posted by stork (Member # 24167) on :
looking for some other good ways to provide liver support/detox....i've been feeling awfully toxic lately and think its because of die off on top of diflucan and mepron which are both notoriously hard on the liver

any suggestions? already using burbur which seems to help. Is apple pectin a good option?
Posted by lululymemom (Member # 26405) on :
You are right to stay on top of the detox while on Mepron. Mepron can become toxic very fast and it's important to be dilligent about detoxing.

A few ideas are drinking dandelion root tea, taking garlic(allicin), hot water with lemon, pekana detox is great, (alpha lipoic acid (ala)you may have to check for mepron interactions) and if you can find it there's a great cranberry juice that has burdock root, juniper, as well as dandelion (Life Source brand) Also making a tea out of ginger root and turmeric really supports the liver.

Burbur and apple pectin are both very good as well.

I have heard that Milk Thistle decreases the effectiveness of Mepron but if there is any way of taking it with the consent of your LLMD I would recommend doing so.

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