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Posted by pooldog71 (Member # 21722) on :
Does anyone have experience with Tramadol for pain? Has it helped?
I have just been prescribed it for shoulder/arm pain that I have had for months. I have tried Naproxen which caused gut pain, Vicodin (no longer effective), Voltaren gel (caused a rash), and probably a few others that didn't work and I have forgotten.

Posted by Cattail (Member # 24357) on :
I have been taking Tramadol since last January for all my pain and it is excruciating. It helps with my joint, nerve, and muscle pains everywhere. I love it also because it does not seem to be addictive at all and I have no sick effects at all. Please try it, hope it works for you. It has saved my life.
Posted by lululymemom (Member # 26405) on :
I've tried Tramadol for pain. It's a very strong opioid with addictive properties.

I truly felt high on this drug but I have strong chemical sensitivities. It upset my stomach as well but I had chronic gastritis. It was not a pleasant feeling for me but everyone is different.
Posted by smckibben (Member # 27878) on :
Cattail, may I ask what your dosage is? Since they took Darvocet off the market, I have been using Tramadol at 50mg every 6 hrs. It doesn't seem to be as strong as Darvocet. It's working okay, but it seems that I have to take more of them than I did Darvocet. I'm wondering if I need a larger dosage.
Posted by Cattail (Member # 24357) on :
I am 110 lbs. and I take 2 50mg tabltes in the morning, 1 mid-afternoon and 1 before bed.
The doctor that perscribed them said I could take 2 every 6 hours.
Posted by smckibben (Member # 27878) on :
Well, I weigh a lot more than that.:-( No wonder they seem so mild. I think I should call the dr and see if I can up my dosage. Thanks for your quick response.

Good luck pooldog;-)
Posted by Sophie1234 (Member # 26412) on :
I started taking MS Contin (time released morphine) a couple months ago. I used to only take darvon + tylenol as needed. I was able to take the MS contin and also stay on darvon or vicodin for breakthrough pain. It made a huge difference having the "background" pain relief going on.

I, too, am looking for an alternative to the darvon, but you might look into the MS contin for the time released stuff. I am 110, and take one 15 mg MS contin in the am. I is rxed for me to take two times a day but it does cause a bit of insomnia for me.
Posted by KimDC (Member # 20699) on :
Tramadol has been very helpful for my joint and muscle pain over the past 3 years. I think I would have been completely bedridden without it. I take the max dose allowed per day. I don't have any negative side effects from it.
Posted by lymednva (Member # 9098) on :
I've been using tramadol for the past 9 years and it helps greatly. I only take 1 four times daily. That's all my LLMD wants me to take.

I am also on Zoloft, though and there is a danger of Seratonin Syndrome when antidepressants are combined with tramdol.

I also use Neurontin for pain. Together they have made my life much more comfortable, although usually not pain free.

I have had reduced pain when my Babs was under better control. I am hoping that will happen again as we try a fairly new combo for me.
Posted by ktkdommer (Member # 29020) on :
My teenage son took tramadol for 4 months until Lyme treatment kicked in and eased the unrelenting pain. He didn't have any side effects and no addiction issues.
Posted by pooldog71 (Member # 21722) on :
Thanks to everyone for dosage of Tramadol seems so different than most. I just started this week at 100 mg once per day, then to increase weekly, if needed, to 300mg. But also just taken once per day. FYI-I weigh 200 lbs, but I have had a Doc tell me that for adults, weight is not a consideration in dosage.

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