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Posted by n2themystic (Member # 27315) on :
During 8 years of being undiagnosed one of my symptoms was that my legs felt weird. I struggle to explain how they felt.

They don't hurt but rather they feel weak, jittery/shaky, and achy.

Some people have said restless leg syndrome. That could be it but I don't feel like my legs want to move nor do they twitch.

Once I started treatment this went completely away. Every once in a while I would get it for a day but then it would go away for weeks or months.

About 3 weeks ago it came back and has not left.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Any ideas on what it is caused from? Any tips on dealing with it?

Posted by joalo (Member # 12752) on :
Posted by jlp38 (Member # 27221) on :
I went thru a period where I had a real deep ache in my calves and a little up in my thighs. It was awful. It was before I had a lyme dx and the doc had me on steroids so I've wondered if that was the cause. I never figured out how to deal with it. Fortunately it didn't last too long.

Hope yours clears up soon.
Posted by jpsmom (Member # 23895) on :
when i first started my lyme journey this was one of my major issues, came on suddenly with neck pain & extreme insomnia, & chest pain. After a trip to the ER with no diagnosis. I have had 75% of the time my calfs, thights & sometimes into my buttocks feels like i walked a marathon. With certain protocols I have had improvements but is back. My sons main lyme system is peripheal neuopathy & we both had emg[s] nerve test that come up negative. I have also noticed major knee joint damage. We both wear skechers. They give us support & was worth the money spent.
Posted by tartana (Member # 28985) on :
My legs felt weak to the point of sometimes falling down, swollen and hard to touch and sore knees as well as a back freeze if I would kick it up a knotch and try to run....sucked! Still not sure of when it will go away and if to this as I have been neg. for Lyme thru out the past 10 years(even after I showed them the bullseye rash!) untill I found someone who would listen and did the panel to IGENEX....four out of five positive! What a relief to at least know where to start but to weed thru all these goofy symptoms perplexes me no end and when it will end! The back freezes/numbness is awful and BP's all over the board, so finally on BP meds along with something to take down the leg swelling. At least they don't look like stumps now!

Posted by Bugg (Member # 8095) on :
Are you on any kind of steroid?

Also, have you had your thyroid tested? Hypothyroidism can cause weak legs....So sorry you're suffering with this....

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