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Posted by WhitneyS (Member # 25666) on :
Hi all,
I am going to see a Dr in Tijuana-- Mexico to have a prescription of Bicllin filled. Does anyone know how much it cost down there? They have a generic form.

**This is all being supervised by my LLMD-- I'm not going solo :-)
Posted by joalo (Member # 12752) on :
Posted by James H (Member # 6380) on :
You should be able to get it at a pharmacy without a prescription for probably under $5 a dose. The name in Mexico is Benzetacil. Be sure to read the label as there are some variations. You do not want "Benzetacil Combinado" as it is a mix of short and long acting penicillins. It is a dry powder in a vial that you have to mix.

I haven't been there in a few years, but that is how it used to be.
Posted by 'Kete-tracker (Member # 17189) on :
Why is your LLMD sending you to a Doc in Tijuana... to fill a 'script'?
Does he/ she work with him?
Most street pharmacies wopuld be HAPPY to help you.. Heck, you might not even NEED the prescription!
Well... it IS typically an I.M. preparation- Bicillun LA. I guess ya would.

Atleast the Needles are cheap here in Amer'eeka!
You can thank the Segway creator for that.
Dean Kamen. Disposable syringes. That's how he made his [initial] $$$.
(I jam down the street from his home every Fri.! A small world.)
Posted by tickssuck (Member # 15388) on :
I bought it in April 2010 for apprx $1.00 per dose in downtown Ditto what James H said above. No Rx was necessary. TS
Posted by Laura_W (Member # 31491) on :
Anybody been back to Mexico recently???

Is this still the case?

How many doses can you get?

What level of dose did you get... 1.2 Mu, 2.4 etc.
Posted by migs (Member # 16496) on :
I went about 6 months ago...after the new prescription for antibiotics law. Only the big pharmacies (Gusher) asked me for a prescription.

I went to about 5 other pharmacies and nobody asked for a prescription. One guy who spoke perfect English and I told him about the Lyme, he told me he could order me anything I wanted if I didn't see it...drip bags of Rocephin, shots, anything without a prescription.

Bicillin is cheap like anywhere from $1-$7.

Amoxicillin is almost free. Ceftin and Biaxin were kind of 50 cents a pill most places.
Posted by Laura_W (Member # 31491) on :
thanks for the info

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