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Posted by saved10 (Member # 18413) on :
My LLMd wants me to see a Nuro, because of my Tremor.

He said he has never seem nuro symptoms like mine.

I have a lot of stiffness and it's difficult to turn over in bed. Anyone else have this problem?

I currently have a PICC Line, 2 months into it. My LLMD added another 3 months

Any Thoughts

I'm worried it's PD!!!
Posted by momlyme (Member # 27775) on :
Is the neuro LL?

My son's LLMD suggested he go see a hemotologist. I said we would on 3 conditions:
1. LLMD calls the hemo and poses the Lyme friendly question
2. My son is guaranteed not to be told this is all in his head
3. Her practice is not put in any danger by us going to see the hemo

We are not going to see the hemotologist. She didn't pass the lyme friendly test with my LLMD

My LLMD had lyme and she was told that it was all in her head. When we went to her, my son was very ill and supposedly (according to an ID duck) it was all in his head. She is very understanding in this area.
Posted by seibertneurolyme (Member # 6416) on :

A regular neuro probably will not be of much help unfortunately. Even an LLMD neuro may be confused.

Hubby did go see an LLMD neuro in Connecticut at the end of August. It had been 3 years since his last neurologist appointment. Basically we were told that he has some symptoms of Parkinsons (tremor and gait issues), some symptoms of MS (lesions on MRI), and some symptoms of myasthenia gravis (ptosis -- droopy eyelid).

According to the neurologist that is very typical of someone with tickborne diseases -- they don't usually fit into the standard definition of any of the neurological diseases.

Bea Seibert
Posted by WIGGY (Member # 15377) on :
I see a neuro still for MS but he is with me pursuing LD. He will do another MRI after IV. You do need to find an open minded neuro otherwise it could be a waste of time.

I am also stiff (from your other post) and can't roll over in bed. Has this symptom of yours gotten worse from IV? Mine is worse when I am herxing.

My legs have tremors every am when I wake up and they get better as the day goes on.

I hope you feel better soon.

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