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Posted by lymekuda (Member # 23972) on :
So I am about to get my PICC in and have no idea who I am going to get to change my PICC dressing? I guess I could go to a walkin clinic once a week but in all honesty that is a pain in the a&^...

Anyone have any advice? I live on Vancouver Island British Columbia. I am 35 minutes outside of Victoria. Please anyone with knowledge would be much appreciated!

Thank you and Merry Christmas,

Posted by marine2783 (Member # 24982) on :
I would say just go to the clinic. Im not from Canada so maybe its a long wait? You need someone the be prefesional about it and do it the right way. I think I could do mine myself but I just feel better having the nurse do it and checking up on it.
Posted by maps (Member # 19758) on :
I am in Toronto but I know Vancouver health care is a lot different.

When I had my picc line which was arranged by a doctor and done in hospital a nursing organization was also assigned and originally came every day to make sure I was infusing correctly and then comes once a week to change the dressing.

I really hope they have that kind of support thier.
Posted by lymekuda (Member # 23972) on :
Well the problem is, I am getting my PICC down in Seattle and my meds from Bellingham. No Canadian doctor knows anything of this. So I just don't really know what to do or what they will say if I show them. I guess I just need to find a nursing service of some sort, just having trouble right now finding one.

I know I will have to tell my GP because I need blood work done. He has been okay, he's been writing the oral prescriptions that my US LLMD has been giving me for the last 2 years now. I just think he is going to freak out when I tell him lol.

Thank you for the replies! Merry Christmas!
Posted by Pippi (Member # 21151) on :
If you don't get anywhere with your GP, have a look under Home Support Services in the Yellow Pages and you'll find listings that include professional nursing services.
Good luck
Posted by lymekuda (Member # 23972) on :
Thank you Pippi!
Posted by coffee71 (Member # 17467) on :
My GP helps me with dressing change.

Most hospitals have Outpatient Infusion Clinic, so you could check local hospital.
Posted by lymekuda (Member # 23972) on :
Thank you Coffee for the reply and the pm!

Are you from Canada?
Posted by coffee71 (Member # 17467) on :
I am from Bosnia but have been living in the States.
So if my English sounds funny that is why plus my Lyme brain.
I visited Canada few years ago and I loved it.

This is a web site for PICC line protector and it is great thing
I would suggest that you call the 1-888-- number and if you decide to buy this I would also suggest you to buy two protectors- one size that matches the measurements of your arm and one protector size bigger. You can always return one that does not fit.

Good luck
Posted by JOLA (Member # 23498) on :
Find a LLND. Some are now licensed in BC to
prescribe ABX. They might be willing to help.

Dr M. might be able to put you in right direction.

I think I already PMed you about the ND I go to. It's just a thought.

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