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Posted by eloise (Member # 128) on :

So I'm an old Lymie. I was on abx including iv for 3 years. Then 6 years of a sort-of remission. Then BANG--I developed nearly incapacitating symptoms--mostly of Bart but possibly too relapse from Lyme. I was never treated for Bart 6 years ago.

So after ramping up very very slowly on the Zithromax/Rifampin combination, I started feeling better. I had to start so slowly because I herxed very hard. So every time I herxed, I would pause, decrease the doses and then ramp up again.

Anyway, that all started in March. Now it is December and I am almost up to a full dose of Rifampin! I am feeling so much better but probably all told 70% better.

I am terrified to go off my Bart cocktail that has saved my brain. It isn't time yet. I still think I can improve. But I am very hesitant to try Levaquin and so I am just wondering if any of you Barties out there actually made a full recovery on the Zith/Rifampin combination.

If so, how long did you have to stay on it for it to work long term?

If you have a dreadful story about how the combo didn't work, I might prefer you didn't tell me because I have a tendency to get depressed over this stuff. I'm sort of looking for inspiration.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate it. --Eloise
Posted by jackie81 (Member # 27031) on :
Iam currently on Zith and Rifampin. Only for about a month now so I am interested in knowing what other people will say too.

What are your symptoms of bart?

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