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Posted by tartana (Member # 28985) on :
Finally diagnosed with Lyme after 10 years of being told I was negative, even when I showed the bullseye rash 5 years ago! [Frown] Started treatment in Sept. Anyway I have these horrible black circles under my eyes which are getting darker and darker....I look like death warmed over or something off the movie Beetlejuice! Currently on Doxy and Metronidozole the past two months and hurt all over and tired, it's work to sleep for 6 hours cause getting up is flat out stiff and sore. What do I do for these eyes that look BAD! Or is this Lyme or Babs related as well? Maybe I should get sunglasses so people quit asking if I have cancer or something! They don't cover up very well .....any ideas? Does this pain ever go away?

Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
This was one of my first issues when I fell ill mysteriously in 1997. [Frown] Still don't know what it is. Suspect allergies/Babesia.
Posted by blinkie (Member # 14470) on :
My LLMD, who is very wise and has gotten me 90% well, says it is inflammation that keeps the blood pooled there. Makes sense, actually. Mine is finally getting better with babs treatment as are all of my remaining symptoms.
Posted by daniel (Member # 22201) on :
let me know what it is, i treatet bartonella 6 months straight with heavy combinations like tavanic+bactrim+flagyl.. then rifampicin 900mg/day+bactrim+flagyl.. they didnt disappear... then i startet babesia treatment.. they are still there after 4 months babesia treatment..

i think they will leave with the brainfog.. dont know what is causing them...
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
From what I have read babesia can cause this so you might want to consider adding treatment for it.

I did not think I had it the first three years of treatment because I did not have the classic symptoms - no sweats or fever. But some people are asymptomatic for long periods. Best to not let it come out ant take over, like I did, before you tackle it. Feeling tired is another symptom.

Other symptoms I had were cycles of headaches, hot flashes, dizziness, feeling I needed to take a deep breath (air hunger) and no stamina.

There are so many infections with symptoms that overlap, it is hard to know what is causing what. I have learned if you have one infection, you probably have three or four infections, especially when you stay sick a long time.
Posted by Cattail (Member # 24357) on :
I had this as one on the very first symptoms. Looked like I was dying. They were horrible and everyone knew how sick I was just by looking at my eyes. After a few months on Plaquenil / Biaxin and Synthroid (started all at about the same time) these went away completely after having them for 7 months.
Posted by daniel (Member # 22201) on :
@cattail what are "a few months?" how much exactly??

Posted by Cattail (Member # 24357) on :
2 months exactly, I am sure
Posted by momintexas (Member # 23391) on :
I have these too. Some days they are worse than others.

Today I feel just fine, but my circles are AWFUL for some reason.

I have noticed that they do get lighter if I drink A LOT of water.

I also wish I knew what the reason was.
Posted by Remember to Smile (Member # 25481) on :
They may be an indication of kidney stress and inadequate hydration.

Keep pumping healthy fluids!

I saw a woman who had this BAD! Looked like a walking Halloween skeleton. Found out she has neuroborreliosis with babesiosis, bartonellosis, RMSF, and probably other things. She's had CLD untreated for decades and was terribly dehydrated, anemic, with thyroid problems.

There's hope! Controlling Babesia seems to be the key that opens the door for healing many patients.

Hope we all feel better soon,
Posted by Cattail (Member # 24357) on :
I never ever had a circle under my eyes in my entire life, at 40 and I looked like a walking corpse with these. I thought they'd never go.
Posted by Paul Mall (Member # 27581) on :
I had the circles for a couple months then they got better..

do you exercise at all?

I did read something about the kidney thing like a previous poster mentioned.

Posted by tartana (Member # 28985) on :
Well saw my FNP and she was pleased to see the swollen arms and legs coming down to a softened state, brain fog improved and BP finally under control from the roller coaster ups and downs the past 6 mo. Going to finish off the 250 mg. of Metronidazole (3x/day)and the 100 mg of Doxycycline (2/2x/day) and then move me onto quionine and clindamycin after that. My L4 and L5 vertebrae have almost no cushion, along with some bone spurs.....joints and muscles painful but better than the past 6 mo. As for exercise I dairy farm and haul mail and groom dogs on tired to really work out! Want to sleep any chance I get! Chiro/decompression even says slow down! Found out someone in town has a rife FPN says try it, nothing to lose? Otherwise prior to this I USED to be a very physical, fit feeling reduced to looking like the character on the movie "Beetlejuice" and wishing I had his wacky energy! LOL! Lost 15#s in the last 3 weeks but still stiff as a board in the mornings, lucky to put one foot in front of the other and just plodding along, guess this going to take a while huh?!
Posted by daniel (Member # 22201) on :
Posted by daniel (Member # 22201) on :
no more?

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