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Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
You would think with Ho Ho Hopkins... and the IDSA's official spokes person and a Lyme guideline author ... and... and... and...

The NIH.. yes, the NIH ... being in Maryland, that the rate of infectious diseases in Maryland would be lower than most... right?

Wrong. It is the worst!

I would suggest that the Ho Ho Hopkins infectious disease dudes and the NIH gang stop messing around in Lyme patient chat rooms ... and stop wasting time blasting Lyme patients to the 4 corners of the earth and start doing some REAL work!

They've not only failed countless Lyme patients, they seem to have failed so many more!

HOW EMBARRASSING!!! That's like the newspaper telling everyone you got a big fat F on your term paper .. but it is much worse!

It's worse because people's lives are at stake!!!!! How many are dying?

And there are NO excuses. They get TONS of money to make things better and they don't.

Where is that money going?

You wouldn't believe the Health Department's budget. It's INSANELY high, plus Ho Ho Hopkins grants, NIH's grants, etc... and still they have a big fat failure on their record!



It seems Maryland has the highest rate of infectious diseases in the country, ranking 50th, so Hopkins and NIH get to claim the big loser prize!

Georgia is up there too with a bad rating- home of the CDC, so no big surprise.

Here are a few other numbers that may peel your banana.

Some of the States with Highest Incidence of Infectious Diseases:

50 Maryland (home to Ho Ho Hopkins and NIH)

49 New York (Home to New York Medical College- Wormser, Dattwyler, et al)

48 Florida (Home to Mayo Clinic- Jax)

47 Georgia (home to CDC)

46 Louisiana

45 Texas

44 ?

43 South Carolina

42 Delaware (Home to Dupont Children's Hospital)

41 New Jersey (Home to Robert Wood Johnson, UMDNJ)

40 Hawaii

37 Connecticut (Home to Yale and their miserable Health Department)

36 Pennsylvania (Highest # of Lyme cases in the USA)

Here is the page to check out the list to find your state's ranking.

More info...

They base the "infectious disease" ratings (as representative of all infectious diseases) on the number of cases of AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis.

They REALLY don't want to add Lyme in there to that mix, do they? Talk about messed up numbers!

"Infectious Disease includes the occurrence of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), tuberculosis and hepatitis (A and B) as representative of all major infectious diseases in a state."

"The incidence of infectious disease per 100,000 population varies from a reported low of less than four cases per 100,000 population in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Vermont to a reported high of more than 30 cases in New York, Maryland and Florida."

The national average is 17.5 cases of infectious diseases per 100,000 population.
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Yeah, right, we open the site and what do we see? America's looking good with a drop-off in infectious diseases reported from 1996 on.

It's a bit strange - as this is for AIDS, TB, Hep A & B, I would think NY and CA would come in high - and NY is high. But why MD on those? What's going on there?

Be interesting to read what folks here have to say about our various states...
Posted by nspiker (Member # 22824) on :
What a bogus the only "Infectious Diseases" are AIDS, TB and Hepatitis?

There are so many infectious diseases, bacteria and viruses at the root of disease. I can't even believe how warped our medical system is, and how so many have to suffer with disease, because our medical community refuses to look for the root cause.

I know I speak for many, but was laughed out of a "Best of Infectious Disease Doctor's" office twice as not being sick. That was before I was diagnosed with lyme/babesia. I don't necessarily believe that everyone has lyme, but I do believe that there are many infectious, underlying bases for illness.

The IDSA wants to close their eyes, because these underlying bacteria are difficult to prove and testing is inaccurate. Why aren't we spending money to understand how bacteria hide in the immune system, and improving testing. It would open up a world to those suffering with horrific diseases.

The IDSA could be heroes in all of this, but instead allow their arrogance and superiority to lead them.
Posted by bashibazouks (Member # 28286) on :
Wow, is DC a typo? it's off the charts!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Posted by map1131 (Member # 2022) on :
Don't even get me going Tin. lol My insides are literally on fire this moment.

Lyme & company diseased human lives
in the US would out number HIV, hepa and TB added together.

So our tax dollars are paying people to drop into lymenet and make us out to look like fools? Are you serious?

The Lord knows they don't want the world to know the truth and why!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of these days the truth will be known. I will never quit believing.

Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
Hi, Lived in Ga. when got reinfected. Was in hospital with Meningitis, they called in Emory top hosp. It went to CDC. DUH, If they would just tried round of rocephin. I would be a live today instead of chronically ill late stage Lyme & co-infections. Now in Fl. still NO help. All the ID doc`s only 1 will see you if not in hosp. He finally put me on pic line, which ended up fiasco. I just started to Herx bad 5th week. I gather all that tossing my cookies on my 1 time get away was about. He was too scared to follow up & let me go. So hear I lay in chair with vacuum starring at me for over week. No energy after did half the room. Yeash.
What is wrong with these people hardly any went to even believed me.
Hugggggsssss, To All In Need, Kerry

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