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Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
Hi, I have Been going into late stage Lyme. I need help just having someone close would be nice. I know few Lymies, my 1 good friend died of this crud. She went into 4,000 test that made her quite ill for awhile.
I need help had pic line for 1st time but Dr. was afraid to continue me on antibiotics even orals. I am older guess they feel too old.Not that old I don`t think. [confused]
How are some you doing that can`t get help? Not easy for sure I work on it everyday for next generation doubt will see in mine or too old to enjoy then..ha Have won scholarships for work & voted into Who is Who, for work done. Yet, unable to afford on own to get help. Need to go to Switzerland, best place where stars go..
Hugggggssss, To all in need [group hug]

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