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Posted by abigail (Member # 14936) on :
We have switched insurance companies and now I can't get Treximet unless I want to pay out the #$%@. This is a list of the ones I can get including which ones I will get the generic for. Does anybody know a good one? Thanks!

Cafergot tab (generic)
Imitrex (not inj) (generic)
Maxalt, Maxalt-MLT
Esgic,Fioricet (generic)
Midrin (generic)
Esgic Plus tab (generic)
Phrenilin Forte
Fioricet/codeine (generic)
Sedapap (generic)
Fiorinal (generic)
Zomig, Zomig ZMT
Fiorinal/codeine (generic)
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
Look into low dose Dilantin.

Actually, the thing that has made the biggest difference for me is Wobenzyme, a blend of systemic enzymes.

I started this, and within two weeks I no longer woke up every day with a splitting headache.


p.s. Editing to add that hypercoagulation causes headaches.

This information was what led me to try systemic enzymes.

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Posted by tclimb (Member # 29508) on :
I have long hx of migraine, some of these other 'lyme' symptoms as well. makes me wonder what came first....??? thus I have tried many things and everyone's chemistry is different I can tell you what I know about me and my experiences. you may need to experiment a bit as well and Ive learned to mix a few 'cocktails' of things to get relief.

I don't know this one Sedapap (generic)

these have vaso-active properties that work to constrict the vessels in brain which contribute to the migraine/pain in the head.
Cafergot tab (generic)
ergotamine +caffiene worked a little while, made me feel little ill and wired then didn't work
Ergomar sounds similar to the above, do web search,

these are more pain reliever which can be use with the above...
Midrin (generic) somewhat effective like a pain reliever
Esgic Plus tab (generic)
Esgic,Fioricet (generic)
Phrenilin Forte
Fioricet/codeine (generic) good 'pain reliever'
Fiorinal (generic)
Fiorinal/codeine (generic)

these also are vaso contrictors without the caffiene '"TOP SHELF"
Zomig, Zomig ZMT
Maxalt, Maxalt-MLT like imitrex, doesn't work quite as well
Imitrex (not inj) (generic)-very good, most of time,
all these dispensed limited number unless given override by md cannot use daily, save for severe put yourself to bed headache

dilantin is mentioned which is an anti-seizure, I use topomax 2xper day which I started before Lyme DX 'cause the Imitex quit working. so, now manage H/A with maintenace topomax then
excedrine or ibuprofine, fiorecet, oxycodone, imitrex100 (working again after topa) sometimes a couple benedry if really bad
. good frogetting grief charlie brown!
forgive my spelling [Razz]
Posted by Liz D (Member # 16739) on :
cafergot worked really well for me but only if I
too it at the first hint of a migraine. Waiting till it hit or was full blown made the drug less effective.
I have found with ongoing lyme and bart treatment I have been far less chemically sensitive (perfumy and chemichal smells triggered my mirgaines) and have not had a migraine in 18 months. A big blessing. Are yours impriving at all with lyme & co treatment?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Imitrex (not inj) (generic) Was BEST for me

Esgic,Fioricet (generic) little effect

Midrin (generic) little effect

Esgic Plus tab (generic) little effect

Fioricet/codeine (generic) little effect

Fiorinal (generic) little effect

Zomig, Zomig ZMT .. fair to good .. not that great

Fiorinal/codeine (generic) little effect


I found treatment for babesia to be the "cure" for my migraines. Maybe beta blockers also helped...?


just noticed what carol posted.. I did have hypercoagulation therapy as well.
Posted by abigail (Member # 14936) on :
Thanks everybody!
Posted by SashaC (Member # 18968) on :
I had migraines that were so bad that I could not speak, eat, or walk for DAYS at a time.

I'd go to the ER, they would give me dilaudid, it would do nothing, and they would send me home like I was a faking drug-seeker.

I began taking verapamil two months ago to try and control my migraines. Topomax did nothing for me.

I have zomig, treximet, and maxalt in my medicine cabinet in case I need it.

However, since I began taking verapamil 3x daily, I haven't had a migraine since Christmas day.

A complete and total miracle for me.

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