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Posted by canefan17 (Member # 22149) on :
I'm sure there's 1000 threads on this already - I don't feel like searching tonight : )

Anybody in here currently juice following some Gerson principles?

I'm interested in reading The Gerson Therapy book (@ the healthfood store I work at we have customers following it to treat cancer - some have healed themselves on it - so I'm convinced now more than ever))

But I'm interested for 2 reasons.

1) I imagine Gerson's can help with any chronic illness

2) My recent bouts with Gut pain have been an eye opener. I do realize that Lyme and Bart are the culprits and I'm working on that...

But a big fear for me is finishing with successful Lyme treatment somewhere down the road - only to turn the corner and have colon cancer waiting for me.

I figure 2 birds 1 stone

Gerson's recommends an expensive juicer I think (close to 300 bucks)

Or is this what juicers go for?
Also what's the best Gerson book to begin reading?
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
It all depends on what you do with the pulp. If you throw that away, your are missing important stuff to create butyrate -- the really necessary bacteria to stay healthy. Why juice and then have to eat the dry pulp. Or mix the juice back into the pulp -- am not sure makes much sense. Our teeth need a good workout also!

I also am against juicing because I would never quite trust anything sold or grown as totally organic. You need a lot of greens etc and any toxin that has snuck into one or the other you get in high amounts is not desirable.

Maybe check out possible food allergies that may be causing you the gut problems. My gut problems ended with the last days of root canals and cavitations caused by them. I haven't had a gut problem in years since detoxing and dental corrections. The gut has billions/trillions of nerve endings for the mercury to cling to -- check out possible allergies to toxic metals, another detox factor before you really can get well.

Take care.
Posted by canefan17 (Member # 22149) on :
The first thing I thought of when contemplating juicing was "Where am I gonna find all this fresh organic produce and how can I KNOW for sure it's 100% organic."

I do believe there's something to the Gerson Therapy (based on my little research of it so far)
Posted by tosho (Member # 10191) on :
Currently I follow 80% of recommendations of the Gerson therapy (I am not on abx) and I find it helpful (better mood, more energy and my skin looks better).
I drink 10 juices daily. All veggies and fruits are certified organic - once weekly I order them and they are shipped to my address. Maybe you can also find organic grocery store that can send veggies/fruits to you.
I use Angel 7500 juicer and I am very happy with it.
Good luck if you try juicing.
Don't worry that you throw away a pulp/fiber - you have plenty of it in a fresh salads that you should eat in addition to juices.
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
I think the juicer they (Gerson therapy) use is quite expensive - over $1000... It presses the fruit/veggies. They think that the centrifugical method destroys the enzymes.

It would be great if they had stores that made these juices for everyone - like McDonalds, everywhere - only enzyme filled juices...

It takes alot of time & effort to do this. You end up spending all day in the kitchen. In some cases it may be necessary, though. Some people do claim it has cured their cancer.

We mostly have pathogens that we have to get rid of. It may make one feel better to do a modified version of this protocol but we still have to address getting rid of specific pathogens.

Good luck!
Posted by tosho (Member # 10191) on :
Here I wrote about juicers:
Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
Tosho, how much do you spend a day on veggies/fruit? I can't imagine!
Posted by tosho (Member # 10191) on :
Actually it's not that bad. About 130$ a week for all vegetables and fruits that are needed. But maybe in the USA it is more expensive?
(For example for 1 pound of organic apples I pay ca. 1$)
Posted by Pam08 (Member # 19203) on :
I have read lots of good things about juicing.

You don't want the pulp because you want those nutrients and enzymes going straight into the system. You should be getting enough fiber in the rest of the food you eat during the day.

You can save the pulp if you want and use it for other things during the day but you don't want that when you juice.

I think the Gerson juicer is over $1000 which is insanely expensive. There are good juicers that are not as expensive as that. They are pricey though. I got mine new several years ago and it was around $250.

The juicer I have is the Omega 8003. There are several good brands though. You just want to make sure to get a masticating type juicer.

You don't want a centrifugal juicer because those heat up the juice too much and destroy a lot of the good enzymes etc that you want.

I keep slacking off on it but really need to get back in the habit of it. It is really good for you.

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