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Posted by Nicole2011 (Member # 30672) on :
I was told when you start treatment the abx that killing the antibiotics lett outt toxic that causes brain fog & make you feel funny & even more weird then before...I've proven it to be true! I started treatment 2/11 on Doxy & started 250mg of zithromax yesterday & i definetly feel so horrible! [confused]
Posted by daniel (Member # 22201) on :
to clear up the brain fog is a long process, many here who had cleared up their brain fog had to treat many months/years.

in my case for example, i was only 6 months sick before my treatment.. since 22 months on abx and feeling my head is clearing up since 3-4 months.

like i said.. it takes time.. thats the disease.
Posted by triathletelymie (Member # 26456) on :
It can take awhile!

Like Daniel, I was only ill for six months prior to diagnosis and starting treatment. My main problems are brain-related. I have been treating for 11 months and no improvement so far!

Good luck!
Posted by lululymemom (Member # 26405) on :
I found it interesting when another poster suggested taking chlorella then 30 min. later take cilantro tincture. It apparently crosses the blood brain barrier and is suggested by Dr. K. to clear brain fog.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Definitely can take awhile. It will lift when you begin to get well.
Posted by Nicole2011 (Member # 30672) on :
everyone has there own different opinion on what brain fog is. So can someone explain to me what exactly it is so i can know if im describing the right thing
Posted by triathletelymie (Member # 26456) on :
It can be different for each person, but for me...

Constant drugged/drunk feeling, cognitive dysfunction including both short and long-term memory loss, writing and speech difficulties...and the list goes on...
Posted by Nicole2011 (Member # 30672) on :
oh okay. Well i meant more like feeling Detached from myself, a sort of depersonalization feeling
Posted by H8NLyme (Member # 29487) on :
I'll take a stab at this but I;m sure it's different for everyone.
Brain Fog. Difficulty comprehending surroundings.
In the early months it was like watching life on a video instead of actually being there. Like a zombie. The sensation is like being drunk, Like trying to watch a movie and you are only seeing every 10th frame. I had difficulty focusing on a task and remembering appointments.
When two people were talking if front of me I could not follow the thread of their conversation.
Could focus on only one thing at a time, maybe.
Navigating a place like a supermarket where other people are walking around was becoming increasingly difficult.
This was more difficult than driving.
6 months after first realizing something was wrong it had gotten to the point where I would actually walk into someone almost daily.
Difficulty putting together sentences.
I could go on & on.
Posted by Nicole2011 (Member # 30672) on :
I dont really have a problem functioning. its just the feeling of watching my life in a movie formation, as if someone else is operationg my body
Posted by lymegal23 (Member # 28573) on :
^ That feeling is very common in lyme. Id say its normal in lyme.

I had that really bad a few months ago. I still it but not as bad. I just mostly get out of it feeling. But it comes and gos. theres times during the day I forget I even have lyme and am in treatment. but then usually at the end of the day ill start feeling fuzzy and out of it again and ill feel like im gunna crash. it takes a while to clear up. Ive heard people say sometimes its the last thing that clears up.
Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :

I had the same thing. It felt like I was inside my head looking out through my eyes. Like it was a movie.

What helped me:

Doxy / FLagyl at first with LDN, Nystatin (for yeast), Oil of Oregano, Grapefruit Seed Extract, and Alpha Lipoic Acid

Then dropped Doxy for Biaxin / Amantadine and kept everything else (including Flagyl)

Brain fog / depersonalization was gone after that for the most part.

I had flares when I go after Bart, particularly after starting Rifampin with my Biaxin / Amantadine / Flagyl.
Posted by Nicole2011 (Member # 30672) on :
How long did it take the Depersonalization to leave?
Posted by Sheryl777 (Member # 17804) on :
I'm having a lot of initial luck with Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS by

Right away my mind is much more functional and my energy level is up. I've only been taking it a few days.
Posted by Nicole2011 (Member # 30672) on :
Is brain fog another word for depersonalization?
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
Nicole depersonalization is often a bartonella symptom. Maybe it can be lyme too but most of the time when people describe what you are experiencing, it is bart.

I felt detached, as you said, like a zombie. Bart also causes irritation and mood swings. It is very much as you describe; not actually participating in your life, being an outsider in your own body. And you have no motivation. I felt very apathetic.

Lyme is just one of the infections and most people have at lease 2 or three infections that need to be treated before they can recover.
The drugs to treat lyme are not effective against bartonella or babesia.

Babesia causes a feeling of being completely out of it. My mind was fuzzy and confused like it was padded with marshmallows. It is described as being like "walking off a mountain top into the clouds". It also causes depression and anxiety.

Brain fog is just that. It is confusion, loss of memory, inability to concentrate, loss of words, trouble following conversations, problems reading and writing. It feels like dementia. Some people literally lose 20-30 points of their IQ. They cannot function.

You should ask your LLMD about the possibility of having bartonella. No everyone tests positive for it. There are two dozen strains and the labs only test for two.
Posted by Nicole2011 (Member # 30672) on :
wow thank you, you explained it very clearly for me [Smile]

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