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Posted by momofthree (Member # 19490) on :
Has anyone developed blood clots disease from Lyme Disease?
Posted by payne (Member # 26248) on :
I don't have alot of facts to prove it -
But, I have had one blood clot in 2009 from
right groin to lungs... 6 mos coumadin.
I had 3 blood clots in right leg and same groin
in 2011 just happened -
they say my CT shows lungs are ok-
on Lovenox and coumadin now and the rest of my life I am only 55....
I truly believe lyme masses in your blood and adds to clots.. i may have had an area of concern
first... then the flow with lyme blocked up...
But, I can tell you all my lab work- 4 pages- show all great except my liver emz are 70 (45) is the high of the range, my Dr.lyme says i have been at 70 for 20 yrs now,,, if it changes start to worry about it... at 100 he would change meds..
at 400-600 get worried...
I am not a doctor, but, i know my body, and i am in for the fight of my life... got good LLMD
and bit in 2000... tested positive in aug of 2010... antibotics are Good... positive thinking is better... i will die with a smile. sorry so long... theres nothing short about having lyme and co's....
Posted by Lymeorsomething (Member # 16359) on :
Payne, did they check you for the Factor V Leiden mutation? I guess it doesn't matter much now since you're on lifelong coumadin already.

Pradaxa is a newer anti-clotting drug. It works as well as coumadin and you don't need INR tests on a regular basis. It is more expensive but something to consider.

If someone has Factor V, they need to read up on the meds they take to make sure there is no pro clotting side effect of any med/abx.

For instance, Clomid will really up the the chances of clot in those with Factor V Leiden.

So always good to look out for drugs that may influence clotting.

momofthree, some say lyme and co's cause hypercoagulation. So one could say there may be a slight spike in likelihood of clot. And this likelihood probably increases in the presence of confounding variables, like Factor V or Anti-thrombin III deficiency...
Posted by payne (Member # 26248) on :
i been Factor tested, negitive
if i can believe in tests...
thank you for the Pradaxa idea,
i have good ins. will push for..
I eat really pro healthy...
wish to find a balance and cut out pills..
I don't mind the blood thinners-
Hypercoagulation was mentioned by an old
family MD... that was before I understood what
he wanted of me... i went back to him and he
is to much into retirement to run this marathon
with me anymore...
I see my LLmd soon and will enlighten him for added advice towards hypercoagulayion...
what do people with this do. ?
Posted by Lymeorsomething (Member # 16359) on :
Payne, those without clot history and who have lyme often stick to natural meds, such as Nattokinase, Lumbrokinase, and Serrapeptase to help combat hypercoagulation.

One can also up fish oil and Vitamin E intake as well.

I have Factor V but no history of clot so I'm not on the blood thinners.

My brother on the other hand had a pulmonary embolism and he now has replaced coumadin with pradaxa and is doing well.

Pradaxa so far offers less side effects, less testing, and more convenience...

Good luck.
Posted by payne (Member # 26248) on :
thanks, for the support...
fish oil and vit-e are already on my old list,
strange things about Lyme is what is suppose
to happen won't and what wasn't suppose
to happen dose ...

my experiance with Fish OIl is every time
I get plenty of oil i have a clot ?

Its like it lossens my veins up to much and
blam a clot ?
So, I am alittle lurry of fish oil

off to bed, my eyes have had it...
stay strong and rest well.
Posted by momofthree (Member # 19490) on :
Thank you so much for your responses. I can't believe I have to add a new thing to my list of problems.
Posted by payne (Member # 26248) on :
i wish i could really speak my mind about lyme,

My Life is as though someone has a Voo-doo doll

and every hour they move the pins...

Trying to think of something that has not been

effected...? Hmmm... OMG i can't.

pray positive... what else is there?

oh, everyone needs to get a LLMD.

& happy trails to you...

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