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Posted by 4Seasons (Member # 14601) on :
Our LLND recently put my daughter on this formulation by Raintree Nutrition.

Has anyone been on it?

We have just stopped her antibiotics and her protocol is Spiro, Bar-1 and Bb-1 (+supportive supplements). I'm a little nervous, although she is doing very well.
Posted by ukcarry (Member # 18147) on :
I've taken Spiro[with no noticeable change], but not alongside the Bb-1 and Bar-1, so can't really compare it with your daughter's regime. I know it had good activity against borrelia in vitro.

I added hot [not boiling] water to it to allow the alcohol to evaporate.

Also I expect your LLMD suggested she does not take them all together? On the advice is to take the Byron White Formulas 20 to 40 minutes away from each other and at least one hour away from any other herbals [ie the Spiro].

Hope your daughter does well on these,

Posted by momindeep (Member # 7618) on :
It is one of the major things that turned my daughter's health around.

It only comes in capsule form now, I believe...minus the alcohol.

My daughter utilizes energy testing in concert with what her LLMD's suggested that could be why it work so very well for her.
Posted by momindeep (Member # 7618) on :
You can go to the Raintree Nutritionals website, click on Spiro and you can read up on the plants they use in it...that might put your mind at ease.

RT is a highly respected company.
Posted by momindeep (Member # 7618) on :
Sorry, forgot to mention that Raintree changed their formula recently from drops to capsules because customers could not tolerate the drop form very well.

My daughter took the drops awhile ago and now is taking the capsules...the capsule form SEEMS to be even more effective...just a personal observation is all I am saying here.
Posted by joshzz (Member # 23526) on :
I haven't heard much about Spiro on this board. I think the best thing to do is to let others spend the money and find out from them if it works. Momindeep, I am glad it is working for your daughter. Unfortunately, we're not getting any significant reports from others.

I hear many more positive reports about antibiotics like zithromax, suprax, ceftin and bicillin than I have about spiro.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Posted by steelbone (Member # 14014) on :
Several people on another form are doing really well using spiro.

I took 15 drops last night. Suppose to take 60 twice a day. But want to start slow.

I have had spiro for a while and since other people seem to be doing really well with it i thought i would try it.

After taking 15 drops last night felt a very slight herex come on.

will do 30 drops today- look forward to getting the capsuls.
Posted by momindeep (Member # 7618) on :
Well, my daughter was not able to tolerate abxs anymore after years of taking them off and on...from orals, shots, to IVs...she has done it all.

I think Spiro might be a good alternative for someone who cannot take abxs anymore.
Posted by 4Seasons (Member # 14601) on :
Plus my daughter is well enough to the point where the docs want to wean her off abx, but still have some herbal anti-bacterials on board.

She is now taking the full dose of two caps per day without any herxing or problems.

Personally, I think that a combination of abx and herbals is the best way to get well, providing you can tolerate them. There are so many more herbals available now than there were when we both started treatment over three year ago.

I believe the herbals she took played a big part in getting her well.

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