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Posted by SashaC (Member # 18968) on :
Good afternoon!

Could anyone help me remember what the three forms of Lyme are, and which abx are used to treat each one?

I know I read this somewhere, but I can't seem to locate the info again.

I know there are spirochetes and cysts, but isn't there a third one?

And, what different antibiotics are used to treat each specific form? Are they all usually targeted at once?

I know the meds that are prescribed for bartonella and babesia, but I'm not sure on the different forms of Lyme.

Posted by MariaA (Member # 9128) on :
spirochete, cyst form, and intracellular form.

Some examples (there are others) of drugs that target the forms:
spirochete form: amoxicillin, Rocephin, Omnicef or Ceftin. Some of these get combined with probenecid and/or require high doses, according to some LLMD's.
cyst form: Tindamax or Flagyl
Intracellular form: Biaxin or Azithromycin, possibly Minocycline (I might be remembering wrong)?
Posted by MariaA (Member # 9128) on :
and yes, some LLMD's prescribe all three at once, but there are different theories on when to prescribe what- for instance, someone treating for the very first time who is very ill may not get as many drugs at once because they wouldn't handle the herxheimer reaction.

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