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Posted by gina_marie (Member # 31480) on :
Anyone have any experience with this?
Posted by MattH (Member # 30846) on :
I looked into it for a couple of months but could not afford the time off to go through the severe Herx that many experience.

I read many of the success stories but I have learned that Dr. K is no longer working with this protocol. I do not know why though.

As far as cost is looked cheaper than treating lyme with coinfections. But I do not remember discussions about treating parasites and protozoa.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Extremely difficult to deal with from what I've read. And has not been proven to work in very many cases. Do a search here.

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Posted by gina_marie (Member # 31480) on :
Posted by dsiebenh (Member # 5353) on :
I was on it for almost 2 years.

On the plus side, I had not previously herxed on hi dose abx, and boy did I start herxing on low dose MP. I was sure I'd be cured!

On the negative side I felt miserable for 2 years, spent 2 years basically indoors, lost all muscle tone and basically just laid on the couch. And was no better.

After getting off MP I developed thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed. Coincidence, or related to non-consumption of Vitamin D? We'll never know.

My opinion - it's strong enough to **** off Lyme, bacteria, but not strong enough to kill them.
Posted by MattH (Member # 30846) on :

Thanks for your post. I had read about experiences like yours and most talked about the difficult and extended herx.

One big push back was the low dose of vitamin D. I discussed this with one alternative doc and he said Marshall is just flat wrong.

Again thanks for sharing your unpleasant experience with us.

All the Best, MattH
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
That's scary, dsiebenh !

I don't think cloistering ourselves indoors and eliminating Vit D is a good idea either. I'm very sorry you got cancer. Hope you are OK now.

[group hug]
Posted by Cass A (Member # 11134) on :
Dear Friends,

I have been following the Marshall Protocol for many years, but have never done it myself.

I did stop taking high doses of Vit. D, however, and that seemed to cool off some symptoms. And, using the NoIR dark glasses has helped me.

Recently, Marshall has stated that Lyme "downregulates" the Vitamin D Receptor (VDR), whereas other chronic infections actually dock in the VDR, causing it not to function at all. Although some people with Lyme are doing the protocol, this makes it seem unlikely to me that it would be the COMPLETE handling for Lyme.

Personally, I have had some very good results with some of Dr. K's advice as well as doing Allergie-Immun for two years.

However, I've not had all serious symptoms resolve yet.

I still hold the option open for myself to try the MP.


Cass A
Posted by fadingout (Member # 32511) on :
I did it for 6 months and reached phase 3 until my MD took me off it. It was nice to be able to have a fever again but the problem was that it didn't cure the underlying infection and some of the guidelines are harmful. It's a waste of time except for the recommendations to protect your eyes using NoIR glasses and benecar. I honestly think that many of the patients really have chronic bartonella infections. It makes no sense to avoid vitamin D and sunlight (except when your immune system is low and you develop moles from sun exposure which I do). It is harmful to avoid omega 3 fats (EPA and ALA from fish and plants). At least for bartonella I think 10 mg of benecar every 4-5 hours does act as an antidepressant however if you take a higher dose it becomes too inflammatory and will require you to use more medication. I'm already near the maximum for taking tylenol and ibuprofen so have to watch this closely. Also the ban against supplements is nonsense. For bartonella I am helped by CoQ10, 250 mg vit C, SAM-e, vit e and beta carotene.

Don't do the marshall protocol. Trevor Marshall is not a medical doctor and is a dangerous quack. It is unsubstantiated and has numerous holes in its theories. It has been widely debunked.

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Posted by Cold Feet (Member # 9882) on :
Got me 80% of the way there, on it for 3.5 years. I am glad I had no other choice, since it was so hard.I stuck with it.

If I didn't do it, I would be dead now -- by the disease or by my own hand -- and I believe in God and have a great wife.

I stopped the MP and continued with naturopathic treatments, including liver cleanses.

I am doing well and finishing a film on a related topic -- bacterial biofilms and their contribution to disease.

Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :
My opinion is that this protocol is only appropriate for those with certain Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) genomic variants.

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