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Posted by jadams (Member # 28016) on :
I could not breathe at all tonight. I had to use an inhaler I got 2 years ago. Im guessing this is not medication related since I had asthma like symptoms 2 years ago before being diagnosed.

It may be a severe reaction to allergens but why now? Is there a correlation between asthma and lyme disease? I remember doctors telling me I had bad allergies when I first got sick but before that I had ZERO problems with allergies. All of a sudden I can't breathe and luckily I had the old inhaler or I would have been in the ER.

Anyone else have asthma since getting Lyme? Im hoping this goes away with treatment.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I do. But mine comes and goes. I really think mine is related to how bad my Candida is.

We all have extra inflammation and I guess some of it ends up in our lungs.
Posted by VB (Member # 16824) on :
could it be CPN or Myco-P surfacing due to suppressed immune system? Do you have coughing or wheezing outside of asthma attacks?
Posted by Dawn in VA (Member # 9693) on :
Ditto to VB above. Also, do you have Babesia? "Air hunger" is a pretty common Sx.
Posted by jadams (Member # 28016) on :
I do have Babesia but this was more like inflammation in my nose, ears and I could feel it in my throat and I just could not breathe.

I'm not sure what CPN or Myco-P is, I haven't been tested for those that I am aware of. I don't have any coughing or wheezing either. I was just busy a few days ago..outside and in a dusty garage and my breathing got worse over a few days until I just couldn't take it.

It has to be related to this illness though, maybe it is candida. My WBC's have been up also.
Posted by philly78 (Member # 31069) on :
You said you were in a dusty garage, so maybe that played a part? Just a thought since you said you weren't wheezing or coughing. Although, you may have been wheezing a bit and just not known.

The weather is changing as well and I know my allergies are starting to act up. I only developed them a few years ago. That is not uncommon. Many people develop allergies over time, and some even 'grow out' of them.

Have you ever tried using a netty pot? They work very well and remove the dust, pollen or any other particles hanging out in your nose.

Sorry I can't be of more help. If it does happen again, I would pay attention to any environmental factors that may have contributed or even if you ate a specific food prior.
Posted by jadams (Member # 28016) on :
The dust could definately be the culprit. I have had allergies since I was a child to dust but never this serious. Normally just sneezing. Also, the level of dust in my house doesn't change so why all of a sudden such an extreme reaction?

Im just frustrated and venting. How can I get through treatment if I can't breathe? Now I need an inhaler and allergy meds in addition to all the other crap I take. That can't be good to stuff your body full of so much medicine.
Posted by Tammy N. (Member # 26835) on :
I know I'm beating the "mold" drum lately. Certainly worth looking into with your symptoms.

To start, check out: Look around the site. It is very good. Also check out the recent mold threads here on Lymenet.

I think this is a HUGE issue affecting way more of us than we realize. I think, for some, it could be THE underlying issue that let everything (like Lyme, etc.) get out of control in the first place.

Best to you,
Posted by jadams (Member # 28016) on :
Thanks Tammy! I know I am definately allergic to outdoor mold and Im sure its coming in with the dogs. Its also humid and hot in NC and it must be everywhere.

Checking out the mold sites....does the mold have to be in the walls ect... to cause problems? My house in only 4 years old and I can't imagine it having mold already.
Posted by Tammy N. (Member # 26835) on :
The mold can be (or start) under the sink, in the crawlspace, behind walls, in the attic, ductwork, etc... anywhere.

A 4 year old house certainly can have mold. No question about it.

It's quite a learning curve that I'm on, but boy is it all 'clicking' for me. I would recommend getting the book. The site is good, but the book is even better. Very thorough.

Good luck!

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