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Posted by jac123 (Member # 28247) on :
I know its the season,however I had 4 in me,1 was so difficult to get out.I have a rash my Docs.out of town.

Ive been feeling so much better these last 3 months,until yesterday when this happened.

I was advised to take 2doxy twice a day,I just got off it since Dec.because it was bothering me.

Been on Zithro instead.Can we get it again even if on abx??

How would we even know since we have it anyway?
Im so upset,I actually cried and Im not a crybaby
Posted by RDaywillcome (Member # 21454) on :
Follow your doc's opionion.
Posted by Rumigirl (Member # 15091) on :
Call your dr on his emergency line! This IS and emergency. I don't know what meds you are on, but it has to be enough to take care of most of the major players, Lyme, Babesia, Bart, Ehrlicia---at least ideally.

DO NOT be lulled into thinking that because you're on treatment you will be ok. NOT. Each exposure increases the pathogen load, and may add additional infections.

I was on IV rocephin when I was bitten again 2 years ago. I had a horrible relapse (not that I was well anyway, but got way worse). I added doxy, but it wasn't enough. It was a reinfection of Babesia and also Ehrlichia----and who knows what else.
Posted by Tammy N. (Member # 26835) on :
Oh dear, I am so sorry.

Since you have responded to abx (not everybody does), that's a good thing, and I would think Doxy is what you need right now. At least 200mg twice per day.

I agree with Rumigirl, call your doc on his emergency line right away. If you can't reach him, go to a walk-in and insist on a prescription.

Best to you,
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I would cry too!! You really should be on doxy for awhile again in case you picked up ehrlichiosis.

Be sure to take it with plenty of food. OR ask your dr for Doryx.. much easier on the gut.
Posted by jac123 (Member # 28247) on :
Thank you all for your support!Docs out hunting
will be back monday.

Im am back on doxy since yesterday.400MG a day
until he returns,hate it just makes me feel hot
and nervous and very hard on my stomach.

Sometimes you feel like Im going to quit my outdoor lifestyle,but then its like ?!?!.

I refuse to give up my simple life of gardening,
and love of the woods and outdoors.I do feel like a magnet for the ticks. [Frown]
Posted by Annie C (Member # 14) on :
Take pictures of the rash. Because they seem to disapear while you are sitting in the wating room to be called in.

Oh and p.s. Ask your Doc if he checked for tics too. The tic is not picky for prey. And Hunters remain very still to be unseen. This is a tics domain.

If I have spelled anything wrong. Don't hold that against me. Im hooked On Fontics hehehe

Ok now that was a bad joke. And I will not lose sleep over that. I have other reasons to lose sleep over.

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