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Posted by momofnine (Member # 31637) on :
how were your results?
thank you
Posted by kitty (Member # 20542) on :
I am using a naturopath and I think it has been a positive addition to my antibiotic treatment. I have learned so much through him and think differently about what I take into my body diet wise. I think you have to get this element right along with other therapy to win.
Posted by map1131 (Member # 2022) on :
Yes, I did back in '03-05. She was my angel that lead me to my rife machine.

She knew next to nothing about lyme disease. She had a Darkfield microscope and analyzed my blood about 4 times. Very interesting when you look at blood.

It didn't tell me alot that I didn't already know. I knew I had serious inflammation. I knew I had some bad guys running around in my body.

No I didn't see any spiroketes, that she and I could identify? She seen alot of bacteria????

She also did colon hydroptherapy which was useful to me. I did a seven day cleanse (well I gave up on day 6) nothing to eat at all. I just popped herbs and vit and mineral she sold to me.
Drank water by gallons.
She opened my eyes to the detox part of this illness. The fact that I had been on abx from 7/99-5/03 with only short breaks was mind bloggling to a nautropathic.

I gave her the real lyme disease education. I think we were meant to help each other. She learned from me as much as I learned from her.

She hired a Massage Therapist whose specialty was Lymph Drainage. Lymph work was a true blessing to my body.

Any questions after you see a naturopathic, I'm here.


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