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Posted by tricia386 (Member # 29623) on :
I wonder if we will ever get better on long term seems like several people never get better....and only a few I wasting my time treating??
Posted by BackinStOlaf (Member # 23725) on :
Most of the people who come here have not gotten better yet. Most of the ones who have gotten better are not posting on the boards anymore. (Except for a few). So you only read the bad stuff but I'm sure there are people out there who are better.
Posted by lymeinhell (Member # 4622) on :
I got better, and was infected for 10 yrs before getting treatment. I am healthier now than I was even before I got sick. So many here were so helpful when I was a total wreck - I stick around to play it forward. I don't think I would be alive right now had it not been for this site, which got me to my LLMD.

As I just wrote under another post, there's a lot more than lyme and co to clean up. Those than get infected long term usually have a whole pile of other issues that need to be addressed (yeast, parasites, mineral deficiencies, toxicity)in addition to the infections if they are to get well.

Please don't be discouraged - this is usually a long term process that's like a roller coaster ride - ups and downs, but in the end you do get to the finish line.
Posted by BackinStOlaf (Member # 23725) on :
Julie: Would you mind telling us your regimen that got you better?

Thanks for paying it forward. That gives us hope.
Posted by Hambone (Member # 29535) on :
Originally posted by BackinStOlaf:
Julie: Would you mind telling us your regimen that got you better?

Thanks for paying it forward. That gives us hope.

I was going to ask the same thing [Smile]

I totally agree. I started parasite treatment a couple weeks ago and have had a fever ever since. I feel like crap, but something is happening.

I also am coming to the conclusion candida is and issue on top of everything.
Posted by lymeinhell (Member # 4622) on :
My story is under the Success Stories link in General.

But, in a nutshell:
Spent 9 mos on antibiotics treating Lyme & Bart. During that time, aggressively treated yeast, detoxed using the foot patches, rebounder, and continued after stopping abx. I was put on an exhaustive regimen of minerals that included IV and IM magnesium, and an immune booster.

I had to change my life by staying on a no carb diet, incorporated mild exercise into my daily life, and without fail got a minimum of 8 hrs sleep a night. An ND did a series of Microcurrent therapy sessions on me for head pain and brain fog, which over time did help.

I did not stop abx cold - rather, I was put on Cat's Claw (toa free) and literally weaned off abx one pill at a time after about 6 mos on abx.

Once I was off abx, I continued to have to address the havoc my body was left with. And that included the mid day energy crash and drunk feelings. Aggressively treated yeast afterward, along with addressing all of my mineral deficiencies (magnesium is crucial, and IV really was the only effective method). Did rounds of parasite treatment.

Added in a quality CoC10 to my daily pile of supplements and started NADH to help with the energy crash, and did a few consecutive months of Diflucan. Went for weekly detox body wraps...

I still take a pile of supplements daily and will most likely need to do so for the forseeable future. And I'm ok with that.

My point really is - abx do not fix everything. If you expect to get to 100% after you've had this for a long time by only taking long term abx, I really do think you'll end up taking them forever. You need to help your body get to the point where it will heal itself. And sometimes that's an even bigger project.
Posted by map1131 (Member # 2022) on :
Well, I'm sure not giving up the fight. I believe someone is going to come up with the cure. It has not been devised or published but it will.

I don't know if it's a antibiotic, herb, rife machine tx, magic pill form, etc????

Julie is right's more than one abx or 2 or 3 or 4 abx. It's a process and what makes it even harder.....

one man/woman's cure is another ones poison. So it's very hard for people just starting or people lead to believe by doc or LLMD, semi lyme literate doc that we can cure this.

It often times needs to be you 1st(who knows their body better than you) and a LLMD or semi-literate used as a tool.

I truly believe everyone can make it better and not have to live in the pit of this illness. Look at Bea and her husband, Steve I think he name is----

They never give up. They go at the fight, get knocked back a little and come up swinging again.

I admire their fight. There are many others on here too that fight the good fight and are much better.

Posted by tricia386 (Member # 29623) on :
I just feel so defeated
Posted by keltyl (Member # 14050) on :
You are not alone.
Posted by sonee123 (Member # 18632) on :
I feel the same tricia. However lymeinhell is right. It's just not about popping the pills and letting them do our job. It's about complete diet change, herbs, supplements and physical excercise!

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