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Posted by Sheryl777 (Member # 17804) on :
I've been on MMS for seven months at 6 drops for most of that time. Is there a limit or optimal time to be on it?
Posted by joalo (Member # 12752) on :
Posted by Rumigirl (Member # 15091) on :
If your'e going to do MMS, 6 drops is a very tiny dose. I'm not necessarily recommending MMS, but check out all the info on it. Usually, people go up to @ 15 drops/day.

But I am not a big fan of MMS. Some people swear by it, though.
Posted by Knight33 (Member # 22028) on :
Has anyone else had success with MMS (miracle mineral supplement)? I'm thinking about trying it. My doctor swears to have cured many of her lyme patients with it. I'm pretty skeptical about the whole thing though.
Posted by canefan17 (Member # 22149) on :
I met a colon therapist today who beat Lyme and parasites with MMS. These people swear by it. Ha
She's the 2nd colon Therapist to tell me to start MMS asap
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
One day.
Posted by lymie_in_md (Member # 14197) on :
I wouldn't go to 15 drops. I did it for 9 months at 6 drops, I'm doing pretty well.
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
Do you attribute your wellness to the MMS, Bob?
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
I would stay at the six drops. It is better to take the slow road with MMS. You can get stomach problems from high doses used for a longer time, and then you will not be able to use it at all.

I would take some breaks from it also. You have to be a little careful when using this for Lyme. Not everyone responds well to it, particularly at high doses.

No one knows the long term effects, but it is an oxidizer. Too much oxidation is not good either in the long term. It is hard to know where that line is specifically.

Posted by MattH (Member # 30846) on :
There are several threads on how to use it on cure zone. I have used it but can't seem to take more than 7 or 8 drops even if I cut it with water.

If you take too much it can really knock you back for a couple of days. Good news is it is not expensive!

All the Best, MattH
Posted by Knight33 (Member # 22028) on :
Does anybody know if MMS helps with cognitive issues?

Has anyone been cured with MMS (this is what it claims)?
Posted by lymie_in_md (Member # 14197) on :
MMS does help partly with cognitive issues I believe.

Sparkle -- it did help me, but you can't just do one thing. It is not cure all. I believe when your really sick, it beats down the infection so other things can work. It is my believe you spend a part killing the infection but importantly you spend time healing. A terrain compromised will just be comprised by something else. I think Gerson has an excellent healing protocol and so does macrobiotics. You just have to find what works best. I didn't use either one, instead I chose other ways to do it for myself. The LED was a good piece of that.

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