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Posted by AZURE WISH (Member # 804) on :
My mcs is so bad and all my other health problems just keep getting worse. I cant go to the er or hospital and i am still trying to figure out how to get to my dr. (i dont seem to be able to find a car air purifier that i can tolerate and i dont think i can tolerate oxygen tubing)

anyway this morning i got up and my eyes look like they are open extra wide anyone have any idea what could cause that.... anyone have that happen?

thank you
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
Hyperthyroidism causes this - Graves disease.

But I don't think it would happen over night!
Posted by Tammy N. (Member # 26835) on :
ditto to nefferdun
Posted by HopesAlive (Member # 29774) on :
That was my first thought, too.

I attended high school with a girl whose eyes were like this, and she was definitely hyperthyroid.

Let us know if it goes away or what you figure out.

Have you had your thyroid tested?
Posted by map1131 (Member # 2022) on :
Thyroid-hyper-graves. Lyme IMHO is an auto-immune disorder itself but put the fact that lyme goes after thyroid to attack....

my immune system is attacking my thyroid. I've been hypothyroid for almost 30 yrs, goiter, family history galore, way before lyme & co.

Just recently test revealed Hashimoto's, which is the 1st auto-immune identified and named by medical studies.

I also have a spot (not cancer) in my thyroid shown in ultra sound. I think it's an army of spiroketes and my immune system is attacking my thyroid to get to them.

There is no evidence from ultra sound showing any blood vessels going to my thyroid gland. So it's dead or there might be slight vessels?

No blood, no oxyegen is a haven for bad guys to hang out.


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