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Posted by resaz (Member # 31131) on :
Has anyone been on the Mcdougall diet?
How did it work for you?
Posted by lululymemom (Member # 26405) on :
I have heard alot of good things about this diet from my brother who is a big fan! I am a vegetarian and believe his diet is mostly plant based. I receive updates regularly and this is one of them:

California Senate Bill - SB 380

Dr. McDougall's Testimony on the Need for Nutrition Education for Doctors

YouTube Link

California Senate Bill (SB) 380 provides an unprecedented opportunity for doctors to help their patients prevent and cure common chronic diseases with a healthy diet (Diet Therapy) by requiring that part of a physician's mandatory continuing education (now focused on drugs, surgery, and other expensive, non-curative therapies) be dedicated to learning about human nutrition.

Authored by John McDougall, MD

Presented by Senator Roderick Wright

Supported by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and others.

Opposed by the California Medical Association and several other groups whose primary purpose is to support the welfare of physicians.

Heard Originally on April 25, 2011

Passed out of the Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee on May 2, 2011 by a 7 to 1 vote. More hearings and a vote of the California Legislature are required before SB 380 becomes law.

View Entire Hearing
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Posted by Ivy (Member # 18365) on :
I get his books from the library and try his wife's recipes. Many look good. Lots of potatoes which I love.

I eat a mostly plant-based diet.

Check out Ruth Heidrich's story. She started on Dr. McDougall's diet after her cancer diagnosis and her story is pretty amazing.

Being diagnosed with breast, lung and bone cancers - all she had done was a mastectomy and never any chemo or radiation in her forties. Now she is in her seventies.

She now, however, is a raw vegan.

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