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Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :
So...I'm getting this a lot this week. I'll be in a meeting at work and my face will get red and flushed, and my ears get hot.

Is this Bart or Babs or Lyme or other (in your experiences.)?

I'm treating Bart pretty agressively now. Doing 14 drops / day of a-Bart ramping up to 20 2x / day.
Posted by Abxnomore (Member # 18936) on :
I can't say for sure, may be babs, but I got a lot of that too just as you described it when I was sick.
Posted by lululymemom (Member # 26405) on :
Yes, my daughter used to get that with babs.. They say when you use A-Bart you may find the other co-infections coming out and it lets you know your overriding infection.
Posted by map1131 (Member # 2022) on :
Red ears I've always heard was lyme symptom especially in children.

Red cheeks, I'm familiar with. I get butterfly like rash on my face. Yes, I can feel it sometimes. Sometimes I look in the mirror and say crap!!!!!!

I'm negative ANA for Lupus. Red butterfly is supposedly Lupus. My face red rash runs across my cheeks and runs in thinner mark down to my mouth.

I don't know for sure what it is, but I suspect bart because I have other skin stuff and usually bart does skin and rashes.

But I'm not positive. They didn't start back 11 yrs ago when all heck broke loose. They came about in me after Lone Star embedded tick in May '05.

I'm not sure but about to have testing to see if that darn tick was full of bart or something else.

But lately I've been wondering about me and babs possibilities with some disturbing sx.

Posted by Wonko (Member # 18318) on :
I get this too, very similar to as described above by map1131, and have even had people ask me if it's lupus (for which I tested negative).

My LLMD attributes this to bart.
Posted by terv (Member # 29410) on :
Over the past years I have noticed the butterfly rash develops on my face when I get slightly warm.

It got a lot worse when I started treating lyme with mino. At the same time I started treatment I also restarted the multivitamin along with a lot of other supplements. I finally discovered that the vitamin which had 25 mg of niacin in it was a big cause of the "Niacin Flush". I stopped the vitamin and after a week the flushing occurrences reduced tremendously. Doctor then switched me from mino to amox and the flushing reduced more. Still not gone completely but a lot better

When I was flushing a lot I found a baby aspirin taken before the flush happened helped. Claritin also helped. I used to flush everyday in the afternoon so it was predictable.
Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :
I don't get a butterfly rash. Just regular flushing
Posted by Marine6624 (Member # 28052) on :
I have a constant rash on my face , somedays are worse than others .
Posted by burnsjw (Member # 11819) on :
I have always had episodes where face and ears become hot and red. Not sure what causes this happens quickly.
Posted by hadlyme (Member # 6364) on :
I get the red flush on my face and my neck/chest area. This comes on with a hot sweaty horrible minute or two event.

Then as fast as it comes on, it's over.

I figured it was my babs..... it's one of my annoying symptoms that will not go away!

Not hormonal either.. wish I could blame it on that!
Posted by betty1939 (Member # 18240) on :
I have had that a lot this past year - it is definitely babesia.

It stopped as soon as I started mepron and malarone together.

Good luck!

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