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Posted by Starfall (Member # 26795) on :
So my son has been presenting with a weird looking rash on his arm. At first I thought he was just sucking on his arm and giving himself "hickies."

This morning he has the same type of marks on his chest where he can't reach with his mouth, and these marks look more "stretch-marky" than the ones on his arm.

I'm trying to find a good "reputable" website with pics to print to take to his doc this morning, to compare them to what he has.

She's not exactly lyme literate or lyme friendly, and she is skeptical that I have lyme, so I'm sure I'm going to get some flack from her

I WILL NOT stand by and watch my son suffer what I have been suffering. I want him tested and treated.

He has been having issues with ADHD, possible Aspergers, and I know that child lyme and co can present differently than in adults, so now I am REALLY suspicious.
Posted by hopingandpraying (Member # 9256) on :
PM sent.
Posted by map1131 (Member # 2022) on :
Starfall, I hope you can figure out a way to get this doc to understand the danger of just letting this go.

You are going to need your best speech ready. You must insist that he take your sons conerns seriously.

Please don't cry. Tears are fine, but don't fall apart. Have your son outside the room if you don't want him to hear this conversation.

The pics with bart is a great idea. Even tell the doc you know he's not lyme literate or he would understand your fears since you have lyme & co.

You must go in there with what abx and dosage your child needs for bart. Good source would be Dr Jones, the world famous pedi dr.

I wouldn't even worry about the testing. Why go there, it's just going to make your fight harder if the lab wouldn't/couldn't find tick borne diseases if it bite them in the arse. I would just ask for one month of whatever abx you hope is best.

I don't know if you ever read a post from me and my outlook after 12 yrs of this nightmare...

Doctors are not gods. They do not know everything. You are in charge of your own health and well being. In this case you are responsible for your child's health and well being.

You must portray yourself as a Mom who will do what I have to do to make sure my child does not have to live in my nightmare of a life fighting this illness that some doctors know nothing about.

I pray I've given you words of courage to approach any doctor in the future and expect them to do harm no harm with close mindness.

Posted by Starfall (Member # 26795) on :
Thanks Pam. I am ready to call my LLMD if she doesn't listen to me, even though I don't think my LLMD is accepting any more new patients.

I'm just hoping that maybe just maybe she has gained some knowledge of lyme and co, seeing as we are in a VERY endemic area for ticks, and we have deer and mice in our backyard every freakin' day.

I'm preparing for a fight, believe me.
Posted by map1131 (Member # 2022) on :
I really think due to everything I've read over the years. Putting son on abx will tell 2 things:

1-a daily diary by you telling how he feeling, what he saying, etc

2-taking a month of abx might be enough to kick start his immune system and may get a better picture on antibodies for lyme & bart.
Be sure he's completely off abx for two weeks prior to blood test.

I still don't trust or think your everyday lab will get it. But I've been surprised and Labcorp or Quest or whoever is the lab in PA might know what they are looking at?

People do get positive from them sometimes??????
I hope you've taken pics of your son too for your diary.
Posted by Starfall (Member # 26795) on :
I do have pics to document it.

Doc did run a lyme test, although as I figured, she won't treat while we're waiting since he's not showing any flulike symptoms.

As for the rash, she says she knows all about bart/cat scratch fever, and she said that's not it. She said it's poison ivy. However, when she asked my son if it itches, he said no. That confused her. But she's still right.

Guess my LLMD will be getting a call.
Posted by Starfall (Member # 26795) on :
I posted the pics on Facebook to see if any of my lyme friends on there have any ideas.

Two of my nurse friends posted that they think it's nothing. One said he scratched himself too hard, and the other said he just gave himself a hicky.
Posted by NEMOM (Member # 31370) on :
Dr J's website has some really great pics of the different types of rashes. Try looking there if you haven't already done so.
Posted by daniel (Member # 22201) on :
Posted by Starfall (Member # 26795) on :
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Posted by Starfall (Member # 26795) on :
I can't seem to get this picture to post.

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