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Posted by CherylSue (Member # 13077) on :
A poster had referred to lauricidin a cyst buster? Is this true? Does anyone have anything further to add?

Thanks for your input.
Posted by Lymeorsomething (Member # 16359) on :
Personally, I wouldn't rely on Lauricidin to bust cysts but it is useful in the general antivirus/antimicrobial sense.

For cyst busting, Flagyl and Tindamax remain better options.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Posted by Marine6624 (Member # 28052) on :
I use Lauricidin and swear by it [Smile]

I also use Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase .
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Marine .. yes, it's good .. but it is not a cyst buster.
Posted by Marine6624 (Member # 28052) on :
The antiviral, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal properties of lauric acid and monolaurin have been recognized for nearly three decades by only a small number of researchers: their work, however, has resulted in 100 or more research papers and numerous U.S. and foreign patents. Prof. Dr. Jon J. Kabara performed the original seminal research in this area of fat research. Kabara (1968) first patented certain fatty acids (FAs) and their derivatives (e.g., monoglycerides (MGs) that can have adverse effects on various microorganisms. While nontoxic and approved as a direct food additive by the FDA, monolaurin (Lauricidin) adversely affects bacteria, yeast, fungi, protozoa, and envelope viruses.

enveloped viruses ( aka biofilms )
Posted by Marine6624 (Member # 28052) on :
Fatty acids and monoglycerides produce their killing/inactivating effects by several mechanisms. An early postulated mechanism was the perturbing of the plasma membrane lipid bilayer. The antiviral action attributed to monolaurin is that of fluidizing the structure in the envelope of the virus, causing the disintegration of the microbial membrane. More recent studies, indicate that one antimicrobial effect in bacteria is related to monolaurin's interference with signal transduction/toxin formation (Projan et al 1994). Another antimicrobial effect in viruses is due to lauric acid's interference with virus assembly and viral maturation (Hornung et al 1994). The third mode of action may be on the immune system itself (Witcher et al, 1993).
Posted by Marine6624 (Member # 28052) on :
Throw in some grape seed extract , if you so choose .
Posted by willbeatthis (Member # 31111) on :
I am on grapefruit seed extract twice a day as a cyst buster because the Flagyl and Tindemax caused me so much neuropathy. It seems to be working.
Posted by karenl (Member # 17753) on :
I heard COPTIS (f.e Zhang)would work as cyst buster?
Posted by lululymemom (Member # 26405) on :
Just remember that biofilm and cysts are two different things...
Posted by CherylSue (Member # 13077) on :
Thanks for the replies. I guess the answer is that although Lauricidin is good for many pathogens, it is NOT a cyst buster.

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