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Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
alot of dr's office are different. some call and tell you, others schedule an appt, no decision over the phone, period.

so i had my bloodwork done at 8 on this past saturday.

hmm, when should you get results back? within a day or two, three or four?

or does it depend on what you're having testing?
Posted by scorpiogirl (Member # 31907) on :
It all depends on what you're having done and where. Some basic bloodwork done stat can return w/in the hour... but others like cultures can take days!
Posted by one4islands (Member # 28187) on :
Good luck.

I had a Compliment 3 and 4, CD57 and CBC done May 10 and have yet to get the results from my dr.

I know some labs take several weeks, but I don't think this long.
Posted by scorpiogirl (Member # 31907) on :
Most labs do turn them around quickly... the back log I find is with the Dr's office. They don't always call you right away! So if you are anxious, call the Dr and follow-up.
Posted by merrygirl (Member # 12041) on :
my doc writes on the slip to send a copy of results to my home. that usually takes a while

but basic labs should be back the next day
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
well maybe no phone call or anything is good news, right?
Posted by AnnaOD20 (Member # 29942) on :
I find that I am always calling my dr.'s office to inquire about blood tests. It is frustrating. She doesn't always remember what tests she ordered and is always flipping through to find the info. If I don't remember to ask I don't think I'd always get the info back!
Posted by one4islands (Member # 28187) on :
Never think no news is good news.

I think too many offices are rushed and inefficient allowing for things to slip through the cracks.

My family dr. says if you have not heard back from them within two weeks, call them.

They are very prompt in calling/mailing results ASAP.

My new gyn on the other hand doesn't call unless something is wrong.

I am not comfortable with that.

I know someone who had cervical cancer that had been detected by a pap, but because the report was never received she assumed all was well and the drs. office never called her.

She went back the next year for a pap and once old records were retrieved-oops and a big lawsuit.

I am frustrated that I have called my new Lyme drs. office twice and no return call even though I was told by the receptionist last week she would call me back.

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