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Posted by miles2go (Member # 20119) on :
I've tried five drops of cat's claw 3x/d and didn't noticed any remarkable results - haven't had it stop my feet from being ice-cold. Is cat's claw subtle and long term and also a cure-all? If so, what is a good brand of cat's claw. Also have been reading about teasel root and have tried that but have a question about it. Is teasel root a cure all? It doesn't seem to knock out symptoms like ice-old feet. But, I know someone who had crippled up hands after ten years of LD who took teasel root for 2 yrs - her hands are no longer crippled - so is teasel root a repair-herb but not a kill-the-spirochettes herb. But, could a lyme sufferer just take teasel for the whole treatment or do they first need antibiotics to knock out the organisms. I guess what I'm asking is, will any of the herbal protocols kill the organisms and turn the whole thing around. Miles
Posted by thehause (Member # 21237) on :
I've used cats claw with Baderol and Samento and, honestly, noticed almost nothing.

Garlic though seems to have some antibiotic properties.

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