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Posted by jenn (Member # 21687) on :
Daughter 12 being treated with zith and minocycline past few months....

she's been saying that she see's BLACK from the bottom of her eyes... that lasts till she rubs them, and that seems to return to normal.

It happens upon wakening in the morning...and sometimes random during the day. Headaches and dizziness upon getting up from sitting have also been her most complaints.

Had her eyes checked and was in need of glasses for nearsighted...but even with glasses still happening.

anyone experience this?
Posted by just_ma (Member # 17111) on :

Minocycline almost always causes dizziness or a just off balance feeling.... As well as headaches. They are side effects that go away when you quit taking it.

My son had alot of vision symptoms also. Since her eyes checked out fine you might want to consider taking her to a neuro-opthamologist. Sometimes lyme can effect the part of the brain that controls eyesight, not just the eyes.

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