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Posted by whatayear (Member # 15833) on :
I am in remission from Lyme and friends, I have

been treating mold illness the last year and have

about recovered from that. I as of last Sep after

a bad sinus infection developed what they are

calling LPR reflux or silent reflux. I do not

have heartburn at all, it started as a horrific

sore throat and feeling of tightness in my throat

feel like im breathing through a straw and can

not get a deep breath. My vocal cords are swalloen

I have alot of mucus in my throat, dry mouth and

throat, tickle in my throat and cough. I am so

frusterated by this!!! I CANT GET A DEEP BREATH, my vocal cords or whatever is there doesnt open when i breath.

It is constant and nothing helps it. I eat the

mold diet, no diary in about a year, drink only

water, eat organic tried GSE, garlic, DGL, enzymes, yeast treatment you name it! persciption drugs for reflux and carafate NOTHING! Im at my wits end.

Im assuming isnce this normally starts after a bad

sinus infection there has to be a bacteria or virus involved.

Has anyone had this and found what was causing it?

Does anyone know a lab where i could have that area swabed and tested?

I am at my wits end with this!!! any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :
One thing to try is Benadryl instead of the anti-reflux meds. If it helps, then your "reflux" is from allergies and not from acid reflux.

Another thing to try is Reglan (prescription) or Domperidone (need a prescription but must get it from Canada, not available in the US) - these meds encourage better stomach emptying so that stuff doesn't sit around long enough to reflux up.

And it is never good to eat a meal or large snack within 3 hours of going to bed - doing so encourages reflux.

Vocal Cord Dysfunction is probably what is going on that is causing you to feel like you can't get enough air when you breathe, and could also be triggered by allergies or by acid reflux. Check out for info and a breathing technique that may help.

The only time I get reflux is when I am exposed to sulfites. Sulfites are everywhere (car exhaust, many foods, etc.), so it is nearly impossible for me to avoid...but when I get enough Vitamin B12, magnesium, molybdenum, and am not low in zinc or iron, and my exposure levels are as low as I can get them, then I do not have heartburn or reflux symptoms. I also get relief from taking antihistamines (such as Benadryl or Claritin).

Oh also should add that yes, sinus infections can cause significant post-nasal drainage, which can irritate the airway, vocal cords, esophagus, and stomach, and can cause reflux.

I hope this helps...take care,
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Be careful with Reglan. If you get twitching it can become permanent.

hope you find an answer to your problem.. sounds horrible
Posted by mattnapa (Member # 26414) on :
I had some experience with supposed LPR a couple of years ago. The whole diagnostic routine is mostly guesswork in my opinion. I think sinus problems can create throat problems, and I think it can do so without creating reflux. But it might be possible that reflux is getting up to the sinus also. Have you had the 48 hour bravo reflux test?

Most importantly I would consider the doing the betaine test to determine if you might not have enough stomach acid. It might sound counter intuitive but I have heard quite a few folks with LPR type symptoms who got substanstial relief with betaine. Just google betaine stomach acid test for details

Here is good discussion forum

There is a women named NY'er there who can tell you about Betaine and other things she used to have success. You could tell her Mattnapa says hi of you have the chance. Good luck
Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :
Originally posted by Lymetoo:
Be careful with Reglan. If you get twitching it can become permanent.

True, but there are many who take it without problems. I got a dystonic reaction to it, but do fine on Domperidone. Domperidone does the same thing for the stomach as Reglan, but does not cross the Blood-Brain Barrier, and therefore has a much lower risk of movement disorder side-effects.
Posted by whatayear (Member # 15833) on :
I found out today after dealing with this for almost a year, its not from reflux!!! its actually post viral vagas nerve neuropathy!!!!

This explains why i havnt responded to any "reflux" treatment ever!!!

treatment for this is drugs like neurotin and lyrica, accupuncture and bio feedback!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
whatayear... what kind of doctor found that??
Posted by stephfino (Member # 23599) on :
I have this-I was diagnosed w/ LPR-a few years back by 2 different ENT's (Before Lyme dx).

They had me on antacid's-Aciphex for over a year-Nexium & Prilosec.Nothing helped.

I told My Lyme doc about it and he sent me to get scoped. The scope showed I hade NO ACID REFLUX whatsoever!!

After my first year on abx my LPR totally went away. WAS it a certain combo of abx that did it? I remember feeling best while on zith & Rifampin.

Anyway Im sad to say it has crept back now . Im pregnant and only taking Ceftin now and the LPR or whatever it is, is back with a vegenance and driving me crazy. I can't swallow-always clearing my throat.Feel like Im choking when trying to go to sleep. I assummed it was just another wonderful symptom of lyme. I am going to google that post viral vagas nerve neuropathy you mentioned and see what's that all about.

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