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Posted by Laura_W (Member # 31491) on :
I have been receiving Bicillin CR for 8 weeks now. I have noticed that I start having more profound symptoms on my trip back from the doctors office (its a three hour drive).

I receive 2 shots (1 in each cheek) of 1.2 mU Bicillin ( 900/300) 900 units is the long lasting and 300 is the faster acting...

my dr is different for using the CR version instead of LA version I know. Planning on changing to LA in July.

I was wondering for those of you that are on Bicillin in either form... how long after an injection do you notice anything?
Posted by RC1 (Member # 31923) on :
Wow, I didn't know that you could do a double! I am just doing 1 LA 3x a week. When I first started them I would start to herx in a few hours.
Posted by Laura_W (Member # 31491) on :
I'm doing a double, but only once a week. My insurance is a pain in the arse... they cover it only as a medical benefit, not a pharmaceutical benefit.

So I have to drive to see the dr every week... and he is 3hrs away from me. Hence, only once a week shots, but double dose.
Posted by RC1 (Member # 31923) on :
My insurance didn't cover it at all. That is a pain in the a**, no pun intended, to have to drive all that way to get those shots, but at least they are covering it.
Posted by Laura_W (Member # 31491) on :
very true.
Posted by lymeboy (Member # 24769) on :
I used to herx pretty hard after injecting. I did 4/ week, but 3 days a week. so, My last day was always a double. I spaced them out so that I would take one in the am and one in the evening. At first, I didn't feel much, but after a few weeks, I started having some really bad herxes. Even wound up in the hospital. Hang on tight. I think the Bicillin shots were a good treatment for me.
Posted by RC1 (Member # 31923) on :
They were definitely good for me, I gained another 25% on them. Good stuff.
Posted by Laura_W (Member # 31491) on :
I haven't gone to the hospital... and hope that i don't have to. What symptoms sent you to the hospital?
Posted by lymeboy (Member # 24769) on :
I was running an incredibly high fever. It would not go down. I was dumping my head in cold water, rubbing ice cubes on my head. My temp got as high as 106, and I freaked and called an ambulance. It was a useless trip - I shouldn't have gone. They just looked at me weird. Offered me a steroid shot. I think if your temp is climbing that high, you should suck on lemons and drink a LOT of herbal tea. Chamomile and green tea have been very effective in lowering temps for me.

Eventually the herxes became a lot lighter. I haven't had a fever spike since November.
Posted by Laura_W (Member # 31491) on :
Good to know. Thanks
Posted by laurie sm (Member # 14584) on :
I have had 16 injections so far -3x a week and yes I feel like I am herxing even as it is being injected.
For me it makes my legs feel really weak and I get lots of twitching-No fevers.
I don't notice much of an improvement yet but still trying to stay hopeful.
Good Luck!!
Posted by supergirl (Member # 26936) on :
so helpful...I love this board

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