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Posted by Laura_W (Member # 31491) on :
I've been having issues with my blood pressure dropping. And I've bought a home meter last week.

Had a pretty moderate... but bad worst for me so far herx last week. I get Bicillin shots (equivillant to 2.4 mU) once a week.

My herx lasted 5days last week, and normally major symptoms only last 2 sometimes 3 days. During those 5days, my B/P was low.

low 90/50 or high 80's over 50's.

When I was feeling overall better my B/P was up in my normal range 110/70, which was mon, tues, wed.

I got my shots again yesterday.

Today my B/P is again down. 90/50.

Do any of you get low B/P as a Herx symptom?

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Posted by Laura_W (Member # 31491) on :
Posted by norcal (Member # 29829) on :
I have had disregulated b/p for a long time. I initially thought it was the result of a brain tumor I had removed years ago. Now I come to find out lyme and certain co's cause this sypmtom. I seem to be experiencing more regular b/p since being in treatment. I had swings from very high 160/107 to very low 85/50.
Posted by Laura_W (Member # 31491) on :
interesting. thanks for sharing

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