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Posted by penguingirl (Member # 28688) on :
I'm only on Malarone and Bicillin now for meds.
I won't be doing Bicillin while on Rocephin.

NT Transfer Factor, Artemesia, Vitamin A, D, Fish oil, Bcomplex for supplemtns (stopped Myer's Cocktail and Gluthiathone -getting too pricey!)

Taking Gabapentin and Melatonin at night.

Any of those are NOT ok? I have my PICC line procedure scheduled for Tuesday morning - I will call my dr Monday just to verify too.
Posted by kidsgotlyme (Member # 23691) on :
When my daughter started IV, the infusion company called me to ask about all of her drugs and supplements. They wouldn't send out her Rocephin until they got a list.

The things that she takes that are the same as yours are B Complex, Gabapentin, and she takes 5-HTP instead of melatonin.

All of vitamins would be ok, I would think. Make sure you get a script for Actigall also. It is supposed to help your gallbladder.

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