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Posted by AnnaOD20 (Member # 29942) on :
So my insurance does not cover this probiotic and my local pharmacy got it for me at a cost of $54. Does that sound right?

Does anyone know of a website where I can order it at a discount (i.e if I order more than one at a time).

The bottle says to take between 2-8 caps a day. How many do you take? I just took 1 today.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
You could probably do fine with 2 a day.

Make sure when asking about the script for VSL#3 that you are asking them for VSL#3 DS. That is the prescription strength.

Do space out the pills if possible.
Posted by kd888 (Member # 29652) on :
The price you paid does sound right. I paid $56 for VLS#3 capsules.

There is also a VLS that comes in packets-- I just got a prescription for that kind from my LLMD. It's more expensive--- more powerful.

I haven't filled it yet, hope my insurance covers it. I think it's more like $80.

Haven't looked for a way to buy it cheaper. I need it NOW. Can't wait for a mail order.
Posted by AZURE WISH (Member # 804) on :
if you are going to order in bulk over the counter vsl3 you can check the prices at

they ship it in a cooler with ice 2nd day. (my shipping was always free)
Posted by annier1071 (Member # 28977) on :
THey will cover it but you need to get a script for VSL #3 double strength (packets--powder). You only need to use half the packet each day.

The pills are a much lower dose that is why you need so many. Witht he DS packet you take it in a cold drink or something at night (its only 1 teaspoon) before bed so it works best.

I made the same mistake by getting if from drugstore until my doc directly ordered it through my inurance company for me..must be double strength..they can also ask for a 90 day supply for you at the same copay..I paid only 30 dollars for 90 days and using half the packet it is good for 180 days...
Posted by jeffinca11 (Member # 25584) on :
they are 43 bucks for a bottle of 60 at costco.
Posted by AZURE WISH (Member # 804) on :
Just so you know not all insurances cover VSL3 DS - mine doesnt.
Posted by AnnaOD20 (Member # 29942) on :
Thank you! I realize I have the wrong one. I have VSL#3 in capsule form.

On the script my LLNP wrote VSL #3 but after reading your responses I remember her saying to take a half pack a day. She also said if insurance did not cover it the cost would be around $80 so I am sure she meant for me to get the double strength one, but did not indicate it on the script.

Unfortunately I didn't question the pharmacist and already opened the bottle. I guess I will stick w/ this until it is done and then talk w/ the LLNP about getting the correct script for the double strength version.

So since I will take 2 a day would it make sense to take one in the morning, one at night or both together?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
If you will pay attention to the CFU's for the packets and/or pills you will see that the DS is very cheap....provided your insurance will pay and all you have to pick up is your copay.

I pay $27 a month for 1,800 billion CFU's per day. (two packets) The pills contain 210 billion CFU's for TWO PILLS.

more here:
Posted by AnnaOD20 (Member # 29942) on :
Thanks Lymetoo. Does anyone know off hand if Empire (NYS) covers it?? I will call to inquire but thought I'd ask!

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