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Posted by Beagle (Member # 29698) on :
Positive Bb test, but "waning" Likely co infections causing debilitating symptoms currently.

Likely infected recent knee replacement hardware.
Even my LLMD, Dr. H in MA says "go off antibiotics" your knee is most important. This, because mainstream docs can't culture knee or anything else due to 8 months of multiple antibiotics. But the new Lyme IMMune ID test by NeuroScience just told me this week of above results. So scared to go off antibiotics for 3 wks. since I tried that last month and was extremely ill by day nine. Would you try it again? Or woud you get a second opinion from another LLMD? I fo Does anyone have contact info for the LLMD around Portsmouth NH?


Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
If I were in your situation, yes, I would try to go off the antibiotics for the recommended 3wks. It is scary, I know, I relapse very badly very quickly.

Since you know that you are going to feel worse during this time, try to arrange for some help. Maybe ask family and friends to stop by and see you every couple days. Go to the grocery store and get what you think you might need to get you through the next couple weeks. Do what you can to make the time easier.

It is extremely important for your doctors to properly identify the infection in your knee so that they can accurately target and treat it. If they treat it well, you might not need to get the knee replaced again.
Posted by penguingirl (Member # 28688) on :
Sending you a PM Beagle.

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