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Posted by savebabe (Member # 9847) on :
Hello everyone,

My mother started infusing IV rocephin, and had a sudden drop in her white blood cells. Her llmd stopped the rocephin two weeks ago, but the count has not risen.
Has anybody else had this problem? Any thoughts to what could be causing it?

Posted by Rumigirl (Member # 15091) on :
My previous LLMD said that rocephin is known to do this. My WBC count was low whenever I was on it, too. And it hasn't come up quickly. But Lyme also can lower our WBC count. My LLMD wasn't worried about it. But I don't know how low your mom's WBC count is. Obviously, she needs to follow her dr's advice.
Posted by momlyme (Member # 27775) on :
My son's WBC dove down when he was on IV rocephin.

It was about week 3. The LLMD was not so concerned about the WBC as the Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC). I guess anything under 1,000 is bad... so this is the number we watched.

His did rise up within 5 days so we started him back up on 1/2 dosage of the rocephin. 2 days into his second month of rocephin his WBC and ANC dove down even lower than the first time.

All this time his liver function tests were rising. (ALT, AST)

I was doing tons of research (and freaking out a little)

I found a couple of references Dr. K - WA made to --if a patient does not respond well to abx, there could be an issue with heavy metals & KPU/HPU

I watched this video:
(bottom of the page)

And I woke my son up very early in the morning to look at his fingernails. He has the white lines on his fingernails that Dr. K says are a telltale sign of a zinc deficiency. No further testing is required.

I brought this info to my LLMD, she did some research on it and agreed we should pull the picc line and test/treat for KPU/HPU.

To make this even more complicated... we found out we have very high levels of toxic mold in our home. This was contributing to my son's sickness.

Antibiotics are made from molds. My son and I have a new LLMD who says the mold in our air was a major contributor to why he never got better on orals or IV abx and why his WBC went down so low and never came back up.

I hope sharing my son's experience helps your mom somehow!

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